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is a leading ed-tech platform that helps working professionals upskill, boost productivity, and achieve their career goals with the help of IT Professional Courses. Gain knowledge and enhance your skills in various subjects such as AI Tools courses, Excel using AI courses, Power BI courses, Generative AI courses and more. These workshops will make you industry-ready, earn money with Artificial Intelligence and help you grow exponentially in your career.

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is among top-rated ed-tech companies providing Online Workshops with Certificates to the working professionals. 
Starting from Artificial Intelligence Online Courses for beginners, we have expanded our array to MS Excel Workshops, Power BI workshops, and MS PowerPoint Workshops.

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AI Tools

i. Be among the top 1% professionals to avoid being laid off
Earn money with Artificial Intelligence seamlessly.
ii. No technical AI knowledge required to master AI tools
Learn ChatGPT and other AI tools from scratch.
iii. Proven to reduce your work by 2 hours daily
With the help of Generative AI tools, you will be able to work more in less time.
iv. Learn to code using AI with Zero technical knowledge
With the help of OpenAI & ChatGPT courses, you will be able to code within minutes effortlessly.

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Microsoft Office

i. Learn Advanced Tools which can Generate Formulas for you
Get Advanced Excel training & boost your Excel knowledge.
ii. Proven to reduce your work by 2.5 hours daily
Save your time & efforts with MS Excel Workshop.
iii. Get Certified in Microsoft Office Automation using AI
Join online workshops with certificates on Microsoft Office & automate your work easily.
iv. 45,594 people have attended & mastered MS Office using AI
Listen to what professionals say. Join MS Office Workshops now.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

i. Create any kind of presentable reports under 10 seconds.
Master PPT Creation with our Advanced PowerPoint Courses at a minimal price.
ii. Get Advanced PowerPoint Trained
With the inclusion of AI for PowerPoint, learn the features and functionalities of Presentations with us.
iii. Complete pitch deck in 20 mins using AI.
Ease your work, work smartly. Use AI like a Pro with the MS PowerPoint using AI.
iv. Learn to design PPT using AI without prior knowledge.
Don’t know how AI works? Worry not! We will teach you PPT using AI from scratch.

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Power BI

i. Step By Step Framework to perform Business Intelligence using Power BI
Get Microsoft Power BI training from IIT Kharagpur Alumni.
ii. Using Artificial Intelligence to perform cluster analysis & forecast data
With the help of workshop on Data Analytics, boost your Power BI skills from scratch.
iii. Building Interactive Dashboards using 9+ Powerful Visuals in Power BI
Learn Power BI in our 2 hours workshop.
iv. Conduct Business Analysis on multiple businesses to scale revenue & improve profitability
Power BI online course can help you gain better understanding of how to expand your business.

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