AI Tool of the Day is an AI-driven content marketing solution that helps businesses create SEO-optimized content to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and bring more customers to their websites. It automatically inserts headings, photos, videos, and other elements into the material and includes an SEO Keyword Explorer for locating low-competition, high-value keywords.

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is a powerful technology that can be used by entrepreneurs and marketers to generate high-quality content for their enterprises. It generates content that is personalized to a user’s individual needs using powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology.

Switchboard Canvas is a media toolkit for digital creators, marketers, and automation experts that enables users to automate image generation using API or no-code technologies such as Zapier or Pabbly Connect. It also includes a Template Designer for creating templates rapidly, as well as Tweet to Image and Twitter Headers. Users can also submit photos and fonts and translate text in real-time.

Look for complicated academic white papers. This tool will then assist you with simplifying the papers by allowing you to ask questions about the papers in natural language.

Cascadeur is a stand-alone application for 3D keyframe animation of humanoids and other characters. Quick Rigging, AutoPhysics, Trajectories, Ghosts, Copy Tool, Tween Machine, IK/FK Interpolation, Graph Editor, and Video Reference Import are among the many tools available, as are AI-assisted tools for posing and secondary motion. The website includes tutorials, video lectures, documentation, and articles, as well as a community forum and Discord server.

The ChatGPT model can be interacted with using this tool’s graphical user interface (GUI). Users can use this GUI to enter text prompts or queries and receive text-based responses from the ChatGPT model. Text formatting, customization choices, and the ability to store or export chats are all possible aspects of the interface. This tool could be useful for activities like text generation, answering inquiries, or simulating discussions with a virtual assistant.

Brain AI’s Imagica is a no-code AI development platform that allows users to construct AI apps from their ideas without writing a single line of code. It has a real-time data platform, multimodal functionality, fast execution, and a generative interface that can transform apps into enterprises. Imagica allows people to utilize their creativity to develop AIs that have an impact on the world.

Nack is a mobile app that gives users an AI-powered experience, allowing them to create stunning photographs and converse with AI. It has a searchable chat history, the ability to pin significant discussions, a familiar chat interface, an image creator, sharing messages, and other features. It has three payment tiers and includes features like credits, unlimited chat history, and AI capabilities. is an AI-powered content generator that facilitates in the creation of visually attractive social media posts in seconds. It includes features like idea generation, engagement prediction, content recommendation, hashtag recommendation, and creative suggestion.

All-In-One AI Marketing Assistant that writes, generates, and designs all of your landing sites, promotional videos, advertising, marketing text, graphics, email swipes, voiceovers, blog posts, articles, art, and more in minutes.

This tool is intended to develop training routines based on the user’s fitness level, height, weight, goal weight, workout days available, and gym goals. It can produce a customized regimen in seconds, making it simple to begin a fitness journey.

Vimcal is a calendar application that allows users to better manage their time. It has lightning-fast performance, a robust mobile calendar app, and time zone compatibility. It also gives social profiles and company dossiers to assist users in becoming better people. Vimcal claims to save users 3 hours each week.

Opinly AI is a free and automated competitor research tool that allows customers to save time while improving their products. It allows users to provide a YouTube link to a competitor review, and it then generates a detailed report with valuable insights into the competition’s performance, strengths, and weaknesses.

Genius Sheets is an AI-powered tool that analyses text prompts in real time. It allows users to build reports and financial models from within their existing Excel or Google Sheets workbooks, allowing them to interact with their data in entirely new ways. It also enables customers to establish live data links between their applications and reporting spreadsheets.

CourseFactory AI speeds up online course creation by tenfold, automating tasks and improving quality. It quickly produces ideas, organizes structure, and draughts material with AI Producer, Instructional Designer, and material Creator. It ensures ongoing improvement by collecting student comments. It is ideal for instructors all across the world since it connects smoothly with Learning Management Systems, allowing for easy course export, translation, and adaption.

Followr is a social media management application that employs artificial intelligence to help with scheduling, content development, and analytics. It allows users to optimize their social media tactics, create compelling content using AI, and track metrics to make educated decisions. Followr distinguishes itself from its competition through AI-powered solutions such as automatic posting, predictive analytics, and professional support

ImgCreator.AI is an image generating tool driven by artificial intelligence. It is capable of converting a text description into an image. excels at creating illustrations, anime, and concept design graphics. You can also upload an image to and use a written description to alter any erased portion of the image, exactly like in text-driven Photoshop!