10 Smart AI Command Hacks You Need To Know In 2024

10 Smart AI Command Hacks You Need To Know In 2024


With the advent of technology and various challenges arising over time, businesses need to explore multiple ways to convert these challenges into valuable opportunities. Businesses and working professionals have always had to solve various challenges that can range from efficiency to employee demands. 

Thus, for instance, a business owner who has to do various tasks and undertake multiple things in his/her business will have very little time to give attention to his work-related emails with swift and personalized responses. Thus, virtual AI command hacks come in handy; these assistants use AI algorithms and various other AI technologies, such as machine learning, to provide swift and personalized responses. 

There has been a widespread demand for these virtual AI assistants, which are common across various popular websites for answering queries, providing customer support, and managing various aspects of websites. These AI assistants use NLP algorithms to analyze human responses based on previous data and generate appropriate responses according to context and various situations. 

The development of AI Assistants is crucial for humans and their involvement in the cyber and computer world. The use of AI has enabled the integration of AI techniques and tools in daily or business use, which helps streamline communication and provides work efficiency. Also, with these AI tools evolving very rapidly, it is likely that in the future, we could see much better and a much wider range of performance from these assistants, which will undoubtedly be pathbreaking. 

In this article, we will discuss an overview of these AI assistants and provide information about how you can use these AI assistants and tools through the most efficient and easy AI Command hacks. 

Types of AI Assistants

While various AI assistants are available in the market, they can be categorized according to their use and utility.

AI Chatbots: AI Chatbots are the type of AI Assistants used to communicate with various users. They can be text—or voice-based. Their major USP is that they provide human-like interactions and personalized communication. Furthermore, they are inherently developed to understand various scenarios and data patterns and engage in various tasks as the situation demands. 

Various available chatbots, like Chatgpt and  Blenderbot by Meta, provide comprehensive assistance by understanding user input and providing suitable responses, which are also improved with time. 


AI Virtual Assistants: These virtual assistants perform various tasks on various devices using multiple platform tools and speech recognition technology. The interactions carried out by these assistants closely resemble human interactions, offering conversions in various languages. One of the most popular and widely recognized virtual assistants, Siri, allows users to engage and avail themselves of a wide range of information. Furthermore, it is also used to control various devices and home devices using voice commands through smartphones. 

Apart from Siri, various other popular virtual assistants, such as Alexa, Google, and Cortana, also perform various functions done by Siri.

Field-specific virtual Assistants: Besides the virtual assistants discussed above, various other assistants provide assistance related to a particular industry and domain. These assistants are specifically tailored to a particular domain, such as Automobile, Aerospace, Engineering, Cybersecurity, etc.  

Benefits of AI Assistants

While AI assistants can still perform a wide range of tasks, there are still a diverse range of tasks that they can perform. Thus, in this section, we will discuss various other lesser-known things you can do with AI assistants to use them efficiently and fully.

Organizing and managing emails: AI Command hacks can be used to do various tasks, but the major task they can be used for is organizing and managing emails. Modern AI assistants powered by machine learning and deep learning technology are quite advanced and thus can perform tasks like prioritizing emails, labeling, and grouping emails. This AI assistant primarily uses various algorithms to detect and recognize patterns and prompts to simulate situations they had encountered in their training or at a previous time. This way, they can detect and even reply to relevant emails, often customizing responses and answering queries tailored to the requirements of the email. 

This assistant can also draft emails and smooth communication between several hierarchies, thus saving a significant amount of time. 

Making Transcripts and Meeting Briefs: Like real-life assistants, AI Command hacks can also create transcripts of various meetings, provide summaries, and provide appropriate responses. These assistants work on voice recognition technology, which recognizes and makes swift notes based on voices heard in a meeting or conference. Furthermore, these assistants also have the capability to focus only on important points and ignore communication that may contain information irrelevant to the meeting or agenda. 

Apart from transcriptions and briefs, AI assistants can create various to-do lists and priority tasks based on the communication in the meeting by creating reminders. 

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Controlling Various Remote Voices: Another benefit of AI assistants is the ability to control various remote devices, be it in your home or your office. This assistant, which is often built into the devices, enables users to access various device functions remotely. For instance, nowadays, there are AI Command hacks that enable control of devices like refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines and help control various other appliances like tube lights, fans, ACs, etc. 

Furthermore, these assistants also enable users to create custom routines for individuals and schedule various tasks for appliances based on individual needs to save power and work efficiently. 

Creating custom prospects for consumers: Engaging and assisting customers based on their specific needs is essential to grow a brand and enhance its image successfully. This enables the fostering of positive and long-lasting customer-to-business relationships. Thus, AI assistants also help create customized responses, providing priority-based recommendations and solutions that can be automated but still quite customer-specific and individually tailored. 

These assistants work by analyzing various data sets provided by consumers in their database to enhance their responses and generate responses that look quite human and individual-specific. This way, businesses can engage in customer relationships and build their brand without wasting resources on their operations. 

10 Smart AI Command Hacks

This article discusses various things and functions one can perform using AI Command hacks. In this section, we will discuss 10 smart AI Command hacks known by a small number of people.

Customized Reminders: Individuals using AI Command hacks can customize their reminders for all the important tasks and events using text or voice. For instance, users can make commands like ‘ Remind me between 3 PM to 5 PM when I am at Connaught Place’.

Voice-Powered Password Management: Another thing that individuals can do with AI Assistants is manage their passwords securely. This essentially works by asking the AI assistant to create secure and strong passwords and store and label them in its database. This way, individuals can retrieve their passwords through voice commands and even generate passwords in some scenarios using voice commands.

Personalized News Briefs: AI assistants offer this feature that delivers news based on your viewing preferences and news history across various devices. 

Text Summarization is frequently used when individuals have to draw out important points from a given article or book. The AI assistant efficiently analyzes the whole text and makes important bullet points according to the criteria set by the individual. 

Customise workflows: AI Command hacks can also be used to customize workflows and automate various tasks across various platforms and applications. 

AI Activated Language Learning: AI command hacks can also be used to learn various languages through built-in modules and vocabulary databases. This helps individuals save time and money that would have been spent on expensive lessons. 

Financial Management: Another task that an AI assistant can undertake effectively is managing finances and tracking expenses. Furthermore, it also helps in planning and reminding effective routines and tasks that you can undertake to gain more financial prowess and independence. 

Note-taking: Another task where AI assistants are effective is note-taking. Thus, if you want to buy groceries and have the list noted, you can simply dictate it to your assistant, who will remind you once you reach the location.

Voice-controlled routines: Another feature the AI assistant offers is the ability to track and remind routine tasks in business and home environments. For instance, using commands like “ Start my Sleeping routine” will result in the AI assistant turning off the lights and AC for your sleep. 

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AI assistants are undoubtedly making tasks easier for individuals and businesses every day. By incorporating these assistants into your work, you can manage your life more effectively and have time to do other things.

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