3 AI tools for Job Search | Land Your Dream Job

3 AI tools for Job Search | Land Your Dream Job

Today we are going to learn about some AI tools that are going to make sure that you don’t miss out on your target position.

We are going to learn how you can train yourself for upcoming interviews how you can build an effective CV for the jobs that you are going to apply and how you can automate the process of reaching out to people on LinkedIn.

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So let’s begin…

Our first tool is Job Scan. It has some cool features that allow us to compare our resume with the description of the job that we are going to apply for. It will detect all the flaws in our resume because of which our resume has a slight potential to get rejected. The first step is to upload my resume.

In the second step, we are going to paste the description of the job that I am going to apply for after we are done. Within no time, this AI gave us our report. It will give us proper constructive criticism that we need to improve our CV. If we focus on cross sections, we can improve our resume so much.

Not only this but you can also see the Guide Me section in the right panel of the screen. Previously we used to seek out resumes to guide us through our CV, but now AI has made it so easy. This is the perfect example of how the world is changing through AI.

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Now moving back to our next tool which is Talent Price. When you are giving an interview, there are a few questions like your strengths, weaknesses, points, what you can contribute to the company, etc. As a fresher, we often get confused while answering these questions.

Because we have not worked in our company before, we don’t know the corporate culture and what they need as strengths and weaknesses in a perfect employee. We don’t even know how will we react in different situations. While we are in corporate, this tool will help us evaluate ourselves.

First, we have to enter our basic details such as job preferences, our education, our date of birth, etc. After filling those, we get an assignment to solve. These are very basic questions that are related to everyday situations.


In a corporate, we get 24 questions in total and if we give correct answers to each and every one of them, this AI will evaluate our strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics for us. See, after we had completed my assignment, this AI evaluated us.

It shows our trades, competencies, values, motivations, and many other characteristics. It gave us proper constructive criticism that we needed a lot to perform well in my interviews.

Now moving on to our next tool which is going to save a lot of time for us. The name of this tool is Merlin and it’s a Chrome extension.

Let us show you what it does and how it works.

This is one of our friend’s profiles on LinkedIn and we are going to show you a demo of this profile. When we open this message dialog box you can see all the additional options that we are getting here. We will write just a casual prompt for this AI explaining what this message is going to be about.

For example, we wrote that we wanted a job reference from her site for a post of a digital marketer in a company where she is working. This AI will generate a text on our behalf and you can see the result here.

So crazy, right? You don’t have to spend your time thinking about the right words. The choice of the right AI has just made your work so much easier. Just like these tools. If you want to learn more about some crazy AI tools, you can join our workshop.