8 Best AI Tools For Photo Editing You Should Know

8 Best AI Tools For Photo Editing You Should Know

We know photography is a skill and every photographer knows the struggle of spending hours on editing a picture to get that desired look out of it??? Right!!!

Everyone loves taking photos( pretty one) but editing is a struggle we all face, but what if you just have to click a button and editing is done!!! Yes, you heard me right and this all is possible by using AI tools in photo editing.

You might be wondering how AI is everywhere, but today the world is of AI and it is here to make your work easier!!

In this blog we’ll discuss 8 Best AI Tools For Photo Editing that will blow your mind!

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Why use AI for Photo Editing 

Let’s understand what benefits AI can provide us for Photo Editing 

  1. Effortless Enhancements- AI can automatically adjust brightness, contrast, white balance, and color correction, giving your photos a professional touch with minimal effort.
  1. Noise Reduction- AI algorithms can effectively remove noise, preserving detail and clarity, especially in low-light images.
  1. Object Removal- AI can seamlessly remove them, whether it’s a stray power line or a photobomber ruining your perfect shot.
  1. Background Blur- AI can create a natural-looking blurred background effect, drawing focus to the main subject of your photo.
  1. Style Transfer- AI tools can apply the style of famous paintings or specific artistic movements to your images.
  1. Colorization- AI can intelligently colorize white photos/vintage ones, bringing a new dimension to your vintage images.
  1. Upscaling- Increase the resolution of your photos without sacrificing quality. AI can upscale low-resolution images, making them suitable for printing or large-screen displays.

Top 8 AI tools for Photo Editing

Got excited after knowing the awesome benefits of AI in photo editing?? Worry not let’s learn some wonderful AI tools for Photo Editing!!

  1. Adobe Photoshop with Sensei AI

Pros- Industry standard with a vast array of editing tools, non-destructive editing for flexibility, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Cons- Subscription-based model, steeper learning curve for advanced features.

Strengths- Object selection for easy masking, intelligent noise reduction preserving details, skin smoothing for portraits.

  1. Luminar Neo
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Pros- Focuses on AI-powered workflow with fast processing, easy to use, automatic image enhancements.

Cons- Subscription-based model, limited manual editing tools compared to Photoshop.

Strengths- Automatic adjustments for exposure, contrast, white balance, advanced sky replacement with natural-looking results, AI-powered portrait editing tools for blemish removal and skin tone correction.

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  1. Topaz Labs (Sharpen AI, Gigapixel AI, DeNoise AI)

Pros- sharpening blurry images, effective noise reduction without sacrificing detail, high-quality image upscaling for low-resolution photos.

Cons- Each tool requires a separate purchase, limited editing functionality outside of their specific tasks.

Strengths- Sharpen AI’s deconvolution technology for superior sharpening results, Gigapixel AI’s ability to enlarge images without introducing artifacts, DeNoise AI’s noise reduction algorithms that preserve image detail.

  1. Pixlr X
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Pros- Free and accessible web-based tool, user-friendly interface, basic AI-powered editing features for quick enhancements.

Cons- Limited features compared to paid software, not ideal for professional-grade editing.

Strengths- One-click AI enhancements for quick fixes, basic background removal for removing unwanted elements, artistic style transfer to add creative flair to photos.

  1. Lensa

Pros- Mobile app specifically designed for portrait editing, fun and creative AI features like age progression, variety of artistic styles to apply to portraits.

Cons- Limited editing features outside of portraits, may require in-app purchases for additional features.

Strengths- Automatic age progression, artistic style transfer specifically designed for portraits, background replacement for placing your subject in a new environment.

  1. Picsart AI Photo Editor
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Pros- Versatile mobile app with a wide range of AI tools, easy photo editing with AI-powered suggestions, object removal for cleaning up photos, creative features like AI-generated variations of your photos.

Cons- Limited control over some AI features, freemium model with in-app purchases for premium features.

Strengths- AI-powered editing suggestions for color correction, exposure, and cropping, object removal tool with background fill for seamless edits, AI-generated variations to explore different creative directions for your photos.

  1. Aftershoot Edits

Pros- Integrated with Adobe Lightroom, non-destructive editing for preserving original photos, AI-powered enhancements for existing Lightroom workflow.

Cons- Requires a separate purchase on top of Lightroom subscription, limited functionality outside of Lightroom.

Strengths- Automated enhancements based on Lightroom presets, AI-powered noise reduction for low-light photos, selective editing tools using AI for precise adjustments.

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  1. Let’sEnhance.io
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Pros- Free online tool with basic image upscaling capabilities, easy-to-use interface, improves image resolution without noticeable quality loss.

Cons- Limited features compared to dedicated AI upscaling software, may not achieve the same level of detail as paid tools.

AI Strengths- AI-powered image upscaling to increase resolution for printing or large displays, maintains image clarity and detail during upscaling process.


How to choose right AI tool

Now that you know so many AI tools, I am pretty sure you might be getting confused as to how to select “The One” for you. Let’s understand some important things that  will surely help you in choosing. 

  1. Features & Functionality- Identify the AI editing features most important to you. Whether it’s basic enhancements, noise reduction, object removal, or creative effects, choose a tool that fulfills your needs.
  1. Skill Level- understand whether you’re a beginner or a professional looking for AI tools. Some AI tools cater to beginners with user-friendly interfaces and basic functionalities, while others offer advanced features for experienced users.
  1. Cost- AI photo editing tools range from free web-based options to subscription-based software. Consider your budget and choose a tool that offers the best value for your needs.


We have discussed why AI can be a game-changer for photo editing. Along with it we have discovered 8 best AI tools that can make photo editing a much easier task. It is important to understand your needs and choose accordingly. 

As it is said, “From blurry to brilliant, AI fixes your pics in a click.”
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