10 Best Free AI Tools For Digital Marketing

10 best free AI tools for Digital Marketing

The ever-changing landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. As such, the need for effective and innovative tools has never been more apparent, and with AI transforming how businesses approach their digital marketing strategies, it’s almost mandatory to implement AI tools to stay ahead.

The emergence of AI-driven tools is quickly revolutionizing how businesses approach digital marketing, and marketers are now equipped with powerful capabilities to enhance their campaigns. 

That’s why, in this blog, we’ll delve into the best free AI tools for digital marketing. We’ve segregated our list into the key domains of digital marketing, i.e., email marketing, content marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing, highlighting the best tools for each. 

Let’s get started. 


Free AI tools for Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

  1. SmartWriter.AI

SmartWriter.AI is one of the best AI tools for digital marketing today if you’re an email marketer. Crafting personalized emails is the name of the game when it comes to email marketing, but when you’re catering to a massive number of customers, creating thousands of personalized emails is tedious. With SmartWriter.AI, this process is completely streamlined, as the tool automates your entire research and email drafting process, letting you send out emails with just a click. 


Key features

  • The tool offers AI-powered suggestions and real-time feedback to craft better emails in less time.
  • SmartWriter is fully integrated with various notable platforms, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Gmail, ensuring your work is always in tandem with your email marketing efforts.
  • You can use the tool for not just emails, but also social personalization, contextual messages for B2B sales, and creating deep-researched cold emails. 
  • The tool also offers backlink personalizations and personalized icebreakers for the most optimal results. 
  1. Rasa.io

Rasa.io is another great email marketing AI tool that’s designed to enhance your returns from email lists. Using AI, Rasa.io generates personalized emails to nurture customer relationships more relevantly and frequently, increasing open rates, engagement, and other KPI metrics. Moreover, the tool analyzes your brand tonality and curates emails accordingly, ensuring that you’re not sending just another boring email. 


Key features

  • Besides being free, Rasa comes packed with a vast number of tools for newsletters, viewing email metrics, and more.
  • Using AI, the tool personalizes each email and newsletter for each recipient, based on their past behavior and interests.
  • You can also automate the tool to send newsletters at your desired frequency, ensuring that your business doesn’t have to worry about manually sending them out. 
  • Rasa.io is also very easy to use, which is why it’s one of the best free AI digital marketing tools. Even if you’re a business with less email marketing experience, Rasa’s drag-and-drop interface makes it seamless to use for creating and sending out email newsletters. 

Social Media Marketing

  1. Hootsuite

When it comes to social media marketing, there aren’t many AI tools that can rival Hootsuite. It’s a one-stop shop for writing social media captions, and adding customized voices, and even comes with an in-app AI writing tool that generates content based on links, suggests post ideas, and even writes personalized post captions. Hootsuite, although paid, offers a 30-day free trial and is the best pick for a short-term SMM requirement. 


Key features

  • The tool has popular features like ‘Best Time to Post’ and ‘hashtag suggestion’ that prompt users with times and tags to best reach their target audiences. 
  • The built-in writing tool, OwlyWriter AI, generates captions and social media content from the most minimal inputs you provide, based on what you want your posts to portray. 
  • Hootsuite also allows you to schedule posts across all your social media profiles, using a single dashboard. This keeps things streamlined, allowing you to monitor posts and track their progress without hassle.
  • Hootsuite’s AI also allows you to schedule messaging across your social media apps, ensuring you’re always on time with your responses.

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  1. SocialBee

SocialBee is another free AI digital marketing tool for SMM. The tool leverages AI to automate the entire cycle of social media posting, from creating visually attractive posts to publishing, analyzing, and collaborating on them, seamlessly. SocialBee’s AI allows you to build social media posts using 1,000+ social media prompts, also letting you summarize blogs and build high-converting content aligned with your brand.


Key features 

  • The tool offers a fully personalized social media calendar with list views, high-level overviews, feed views, and more. Hence, you can eliminate chaos and view your calendar more precisely.
  • SocialBee’s in-house AI assistant generates complete social media strategies based on your brand and its offerings, cutting down your work by almost 90%. 
  • The tool’s AI also generates highly tailored social media posts to experience the maximum impact upon implementing your social media strategies. 

Content Marketing

  1. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is one of the best free AI tools for digital marketing, driven completely by generative AI. The tool offers one of the fastest ways to create content, where you can leverage AI to create long-form articles, product descriptions, social media copies, content briefs, ad copies, and more. Moreover, the tool offers a dedicated section for enterprises, where they can create AI content aligned with their brands, maintain data security, and have access to the best language models. 


Key features

  • The tool’s ‘Chat by Copy.ai’ feature acts as a personal assistant for brainstorming, writing copies, and assisting with research. With just your input, this feature can generate whatever content you need, and for whichever platform your brand operates on.
  • The tool offers 40+ pre-built templates and 90+ AI tools to generate content for various use cases, including blog content, email marketing, and social media.
  • When generating content, you can also choose from the built-in 8 writing tones, or even create a custom writing tone that fits your brand best.
  • Copy.AI’s ‘AI Sales OS’ feature also allows you to seamlessly manage and automate your sales teams’ workflow through cutting-edge algorithms. 
  1. Rytr

Another AI tool that has been making waves in content marketing is Rytr. Just over a year old, this AI-driven tool automates your writing workflows to help you overcome writer’s block and create stunning content for your marketing channels. It’s an all-in-one writing assistant that generates high-quality content within a few seconds, allowing you to cut costs and deliver robust content in no time. 


Key features

  • Rytr generates content for just about any marketing need, from blogs and ad copies to emails and social media post captions. 
  • The tool’s advanced AI creates original, relevant, and high-converting content in popular tones to help your brand stand out when implementing content marketing efforts.
  • Powered by cutting-edge language AI, Rytr offers over 40 templates and use cases to choose from. 
  • The tool also comes with a rich-text editor to help you fine-tune your content after the AI generates it, ensuring the best results.
  • Ryter comes with a free browser extension, allowing you to take your AI writing assistant wherever you go.


  1. SEO.ai

SEO.ai is a powerful AI tool that offers in-depth SEO features to help you create high-value content that engages target audiences. It uncovers relevant keywords and generates optimized content, driven by proprietary algorithms and modern SERP analysis. You only need minimal effort to boost organic traffic and get the burden of creating SEO-optimized content off your shoulders. 


Key features

  • SEO.ai generates long-form SEO-rich content that is completely optimized for Google ranking, featuring rich formatting, an average 1,600+ word length, and Google EEAT optimization. 
  • You can also use the tool for deep keyword research and the AI assistance makes it easy to understand which keywords you’d need.
  • Besides obtaining keywords, SEO.ai’s AI algorithms can also do all the work for you. Just provide simple prompts and the tool will generate the keywords you need. 
  • The tool’s machine learning-based SEO also shows how you can improve your content for higher SERP rankings.
  1. Easy With AI

Easy With AI’s AI SEO Tools is a complete suite of free AI digital marketing tools for your SEO efforts. You get a full set of AI tools to find keywords, optimize your web content for Google SERPs, generate AI content for your website pages, and even implement link-building strategies. 


Key features

  • There are over 25 AI tools to cater to varying SEO needs, including website editing, adding live link previews, business data analysis, link-building, content management, and more. 
  • You can also avail of extensions, such as the Keyword Surfer, that you can add directly to your Chrome or other browser for SEO tasks on the go. 
  • The suite also offers tools to utilize OpenAI’s GPT models to generate high-quality AI content readily deployable on your desired channels. 

Affiliate Marketing

  1. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is one of the best AI tools for affiliate marketing today. It’s a one-stop solution that allows you to track affiliate data for e-commerce, SaaS, and online services, after integrating with your website within minutes. Besides affiliate programs, Tapfiliate uses AI to also help with creating high-impact influencer programs and referral programs, based on business requirements. 


Key features

  • The tool lets you automatically track conversions from your referrals or affiliates through coupons and links. 
  • You can also use the ‘Affiliate Recruitment’ feature to automatically invite referral partners to promote your brand through preferred channels. 
  • The tool offers high flexibility for commissions. You can engage your referral partners, affiliates, and influencers with the correct rewards suggested by the tool’s AI.
  • Using the tool’s AI capabilities, you can seamlessly set up triggered webhooks, emails, and automation through the Tapfiliate Zapier application.
  1. Scaleo

Scaleo is a powerful partner marketing software geared solely towards affiliate marketers. It’s both easy to use and highly efficient and uses AI to gather all your partnership and performance channels in a single dashboard. The tool caters to various use cases, including e-commerce stores, online/offline services, finance businesses, ad networks, and gaming organizations, allowing them to set up affiliate programs seamlessly.


Key features

  • The tool offers an intuitive interface that helps to save time and manage affiliate program-related tasks efficiently.
  • Scaleo’s AI also generates full data visualizations for better decision-making.
  • The tool’s intelligent reports deliver over 30 data points for a deeper understanding of your affiliate’s performance. 
  • Scaleo is an out-of-the-box solution and can be easily set up within minutes. 

How to choose the best AI Tool for Digital Marketing?

Choosing the right AI tool for digital marketing is the difference between successful marketing efforts and unsuccessful ones. Here are the key factors to keep in mind when you choose your AI tools:

  • Understand your needs clearly as this will help you to select the right tool that’s aligned well with your business preferences and goals.
  • Consider your budget as most AI tools for digital marketing only offer free trials and then charge subscription prices for continued usage.
  • Check the tool’s features thoroughly to ensure that you select a tool befitting for your business needs and target audience.
  • Read online reviews of the tools to understand how credible they are and if they’re worth your time. 

AI Tool of the Day


AI tools are becoming the norm in almost every industry, and digital marketing is no different. The free AI tools for digital marketing listed here, are some of the best options to consider today if you’re a digital marketer. However, if you’re new to using AI tools, then understanding how these tools work and using them on a daily basis can be challenging. To that end, sign up for Be10X’s comprehensive workshops to master AI tools and utilize them to automate your workflows.

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