Best Free AI Tools For Lawyers

Best Free AI Tools For Lawyers

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have become essential in the legal field with continuous development. From increasing the speed and quality of research jobs to providing better assistance in document analysis and contract review, AI tools represent a huge step in the progress of the way lawyers work. Yet, a high price for such high-tech devices can also present an underrated barrier to accessibility.

Fortunately, a wide range of AI-based tools that optimally serve legal professionals’ needs has been created, allowing the lawyer to increase data processing speed, make more precise judgments, and, eventually, make legal work easier without spending a fortune. 

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the top free AI Tools For Lawyers that they can use. We will also explain how AI tools can be adapted to optimize operations in legal work and thereby help attorneys provide their clients with the best legal services possible.

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What Qualities AI Should Have For Lawyers

  • AI solutions should accurately analyze all legal documents, case law, statutes, and regulations available. They need to understand technical legal terminology and give detailed answers.
  • One of AI’s biggest strengths is its capability to operate on vast quantities of data quickly. AI in the legal profession should be capable of accelerating the performance of legal research, document review, and other tasks that were time-consuming for lawyers before.
  • An AI system should be able to perform natural language processing to understand and provide an adequate response to human speech. This is necessary for document examination, contract scrutiny, and legal research.
  • AI-based tools should always have the customization capability to cater to the needs of various legal system fields and jurisdictions. Therefore, they must be created in a way that reflects any changes in laws and regulations in the future.
  • Since the legal data is confidential, AI systems must put a lot of emphasis on data security and confidentiality. They should observe very strict privacy rules and uphold regulations to prevent data leaks from the clients.

Best AI Tools For Lawyers

ROSS Intelligence

Ross Intelligence is a technology that uses AI to assist lawyers in making document searches relative to court cases, law, and other legal documents. It employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to process a query and respond with relevant solutions. Another very useful feature of such software is its capability of comprehensive summarizations of cases whose technologies lawyers can save time and effort during their search.

ROSS also includes the option to create personal alerts about updates in certain legal areas, which allows ROSS as an innovative solution to stay updated regarding any changes in the legal sphere. Going further, it allows us to analyze the judges’ behavior and judgment tendencies, which create a base for the case strategy and build up proper precedents.

LegalSifter is an AI platform with the same output as a human lawyer looking for possible risks and issues. It applies machine learning models trained on huge sets of contracts millions of times to identify dangerous clauses and alert users if something needs to be checked. Attorneys in the system can upload files in the meantime, and LegalSifter will promptly provide feedback about issues like that, from indemnification and termination to intellectual property rights.

The tool has an in-built feature indicating areas needing improvement per the international best practices and industry norms. Through the offered LegalSifter solution, it is possible to automate the contract review procedure by enabling lawyers to work on more value-added assignments and by ensuring the full compliance of the contracts with the legislation and risk prevention.

Kira Systems

Kira Systems is another AI-based judicial review software that helps lawyers perform their contract analysis job more promptly. It employs machine learning methods to filter out significant contract pieces, including dates, clauses, and parties involved. Kira can notice different kinds of clauses, such as confidentiality, non-compete, and governing law provisions which can facilitate attorneys promptly to point out the important conditions and analyze the effects.

The software features built-in reporting and graph visualization tools, making it possible to choose the customizable workflows that suit the analytical process while meeting the users’ preferences. Kira System can be very helpful in M&A transactions due diligence, lease abstraction, and contract management.


Judicata is an AI-driven legal research platform that aims to deliver more in-depth analysis and understanding of case law and statutes. It uses complex algorithms to process the semantic structure of legal texts to help users discover links and patterns hidden in the law. The Judicata platform allows users to visualize the law through successive cases. This case law illustration is a priceless tool for lawyers navigating the relationships between different cases, understanding and learning how these cases have influenced legal doctrine from the past to the present.

In addition, the platform allows lawyers to analyze citations, interpret statutes, and draft legal documents to enable them to improvise in a highly informed way and craft better arguments. The interface of Judicata is very easy to understand, and the search function is logical and fast. So, Judicata is a very helpful website for legal research and the analysis of the laws.

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Beagle is an AI-powered contract analysis tool that centers on finding risks and chances within contracts. In doing so, it quickly extracts important elements like warranties, limitations of liability, and methods of solving disputes. Beagle’s platform helps lawyers read through contracts and evaluate possible consequences of the agreements. Thus, this tool facilitates a more efficient negotiation process and helps lawyers identify and eliminate potential legal threats.

The platform also provides data on trending market conditions and industry standards, a reference point for lawyers to understand the appropriateness and adequacy of the contracts against similar law-related agreements on the marketplace. Beagle’s User-friendly interface and teamwork facilities allow legal professionals to speed up their deal evaluations and make the client happy with the case’s outcome.


Casetext is an AI-driven legal intelligence platform with extensive case law databases, statutes, and regulations from various sources. It uses specific machine learning algorithms to read legal texts and extracts relevant information such as critical sentences, citations, and related authorities. CaseText delivers an array of tools, such as CARA (Case Analysis Research Assistant), which tailors your briefs or memos and suggests extra cases and authorities to cite.

The platform also offers advanced search capabilities, including natural language and Boolean search, to help users find relevant legal sources more efficiently. CaseText is widely used by lawyers for legal research, brief writing, and case strategy development.

Finally, it is clear that AI technology has changed forever the way attorneys research, review documents, and analyze cases. The AI mentioned above tools, such as ROSS Intelligence, LegalSifter, Kira Systems, Judicata, Beagle, and CaseText, are truly effective in improving legal industry operations regarding efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

These tools provide personalized experiences for various legal tasks. These tools also have top data security standards. AI technology helps to reduce expensive costs, facilitate better-informed decision-making, and meet the changing legal systems, hence facilitating accessibility and productivity in these industries.


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