21 ChatGPT Prompts you can use for Job Applications

21 ChatGPT prompts you can use for job applications

It’s no secret how volatile and competitive the job market is currently. Hence, it’s more important than ever to level up your application game to get the roles you want. 

Tailoring your job application and building keyword-rich cover letters are key to a successful job-seeking approach. 

However, the vast forms, in-depth skillset questions, and various personal information layers, make it frustrating to apply for even the best jobs. And having such bandwidth isn’t always possible.

So, you need to find effective solutions to tackle this problem. 

It’s time to use tech to your advantage and expedite your job search. But How? 

Start leveraging AI, specifically ChatGPT, to do the heavy lifting for you. To understand this better, we’ll discuss in this blog how you can use ChatGPT prompts to drastically reduce the time needed to apply for your desired job roles. 

Moreover, we’ve included 21 best ChatGPT prompts for job applications that you can use immediately!

How do I prompt ChatGPT for a job application?

Every job will comprise required skills, which are unique, and not all roles – even within the same industry – look for similar qualifications. To stand out, you can tailor your resume according to job applications, and ChatGPT can help you in that. 

To get started, create a free account on ChatGPT and after logging in, follow these instructions: 

  • Type this prompt: “Write resume achievements with numbers and metrics based on these job responsibilities.”
  • Then, press ‘Shift + Enter’ to proceed to a new line and copy-paste the job application you’re applying for. 
  • After ChatGPT generates the output, copy-paste it to a Word/Google doc or anywhere you can edit it. Double-check all the grammar, spelling, and accuracy.
  • Once done, copy-paste the edited content onto your resume. 

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Additionally, you can use ChatGPT resume prompts to answer application questions like “What were your previous role’s responsibilities?” or “Can you talk about a project you’re proud of and what results you achieved in it?” 

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Let’s say the question is, “Explain your experience in growth marketing.” Follow these steps to answer it appropriately:

  • Type in this prompt – “Skim through my resume below to determine my previous experience in growth marketing. Write an extensive answer in intellectual, persuasive, and clear language to describe my specific growth marketing experience as if you were me.”
  • Go to a new line and copy-paste your resume. 
  • Keep on changing the prompts till you get satisfactory outputs. Once done, copy-paste the results to a new doc. Edit and check the content and copy-paste it to the job application. That’s it!

Similarly, you can use ChatGPT prompts for job applications to tailor your responses to the listed questions/requirements. Prompting ChatGPT for a job application is simple, but you must pay attention to the prompt itself. Be descriptive, and accurate, and make sure your resume is updated to get the desired outputs. 

Now that we’ve covered how you can prompt ChatGPT for a job application, here are 21 prompts you can use. We’ve divided these ChatGPT job application prompts into three categories – prompts for cover letters, resume writing, and applying to jobs. 

Let’s dive right in!

ChatGPT prompts for cover letter writing

ChatGPT can help you craft attractive cover letters that highlight your experiences, skills, and enthusiasm for the position. For this, you need to provide it with accurate information about your qualifications, the job description, and instances where you showcased the relevant skills. 

Here are some example ChatGPT cover letter prompts to help you out:

  • “Draft a cover letter for a marketing manager position. I possess a strong digital marketing background and have successfully led various campaigns across social media channels and email.”
  • “Write a cover letter for a software developer role. I currently have 5 years of experience in Python, R, Java, and have led a team of 10 developers in my previous positions. I have also built 3 SaaS products catered to healthcare clients in the US.”
  • “I’m applying for a position in the non-profit sector. Can you help me write a cover letter that demonstrates my passion for social work?”
  • “I’m a fresh graduate applying for entry-level data analyst roles. Help me write a cover letter that highlights my data analysis-related academic projects.”
  • “Draft a professional cover letter for a content editor position. I currently have over 6 years of experience as a content writer and editor, having led several teams of writers and created content projects in the fin-tech sector.”
  • “I want to apply for a sales executive role. Help me create a cover letter that focuses on my excellent communication skills and a prominent sales record.”
  • “Write a cover letter for the position of a project manager. I want to show my experience in successful project deliveries, managing cross-functional teams, leading organizational initiatives, and business decision-making.” 

You can edit the specific roles and experience details based on your resume and job role. Using these in-detail and accurate prompts, you can get various outputs and craft a compelling cover letter without spending too much time on it.

ChatGPT prompts for resume writing

Similar to cover letters, you can use the following ChatGPT resume prompts to quickly cook up an attractive resume for the position you want:

  • “I have 7+ years of Java development experience, having worked at 3 fin-tech startups and handled multiple high-value projects. Can you help me write a resume for a senior Java developer position for a fin-tech MNC?”
  • “Help me list down the responsibilities and skills for my prior role as a senior project manager.”
  • “I’m a database professional with over 6 years of experience. Can you help me write a professional summary that highlights my expertise?”
  • “Draft a resume for an entry-level position in digital marketing.”
  • “I have various volunteering experiences spanning 2+ years. Can you help me incorporate these into my CV?”
  • “I have 10 certifications in data analysis and a degree in computer science. Help me structure my education section for my resume.”
  • “Draft a professional resume for the role of an account manager at a B2B startup in the healthcare sector. I have prior experience in multiple account management at healthcare enterprises serving clients in North America.”

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As mentioned earlier, you can customize these prompts based on your specific experiences and job roles to get the output you need. Using that, you can craft a full-fledged resume hassle-free!

ChatGPT prompts for applying to jobs

Additionally, you can use the following ChatGPT job application prompts for other purposes than just drafting your resume or cover letter:

  • “I’m applying for the position of a senior project manager. Can you list down potential questions to ask the recruiter during my interview?” 
  • “What are some skills I need to highlight for a Python developer role?”
  • “Can you draft a 30-60-90 day plan for the role of a sales manager that I can showcase during my interview?”
  • “I’m considering a career in content development. What are some important points I must know before applying?”
  • “Can you help me draft a professional email to a potential recruiter expressing my interest in a job opening they posted about?”
  • “How can I highlight my freelancing experience during a job interview? List down a few pointers to help me explain.” 
  • “Help me draft a thank you email after receiving a job offer.”


As you can see, ChatGPT is a very lucrative AI tool that can help you with your job-hunting process. As tedious as this process is, you need to get everything right, in order to bag the role you want. 

But, that is easier said than done.

That’s why you must use tools like ChatGPT that can help you draft amazing cover letters, tailor your resume based on your desired JDs, and even come up with experience pointers that impress recruiters and increase your chances of getting hired.

However, if you’re new to ChatGPT and want to learn how you can master AI tools like these, simply head over to Be10X. You can attend the Be10X AI tools workshop to understand how AI tools work, what prompts to use, and how to leverage tools like ChatGPT for professional upskilling.