Gemini AI: Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of It

Gemini AI: Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of It

Google launched the AI version dedicated to the Android and iOS apps and renamed it from Bard to Gemini. It is mainly designed to help people who use phones streamline their tasks and enhance their day-to-day productivity. Gemini is familiar with ChatGPT and its chatbot, often used on websites. It assists in answering customer service queries. You must know how it helps millions of people across the globe with their professional careers. 

Google Gemini AI is equally powerful and accessible to people around the world. It is like igneous AI tools that help to increase the efficiency of the working professional in various fields. To harness the Google Gemini, it is essential to understand its features and its use to make you super powerful and stand out in this competitive world. 

This guide will give you valuable information regarding Gemini tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will help you generate a desirable result.  

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How Does Gemini Enhance Your Efficiency?

Gemini is a handy AI assistant for managing emails and summarising YouTube videos. Implementing the best setting to match your preferences and maximize Google Gemini’s performance is essential. Read the steps below to understand how to maximize Google Gemini’s performance better.

Switch To Dark Mode

It is preferable to use the dark mode to keep your eye relaxed. To toggle for dark mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to the setting icon located on the Gemini Window.
  • Click on the “Use light theme” mode to start dark mode. 

Also, toggle the response in real-time for a better quick response.

Designers have come up with a solution for dark mode, as people have many problems while working on PCs for a long duration. A survey shows that 81.9% of smartphone users use dark mode. It increases readability, reduces eye strain, and saves battery life. It is an eye savior for night owls.

Analyze The Report

Reading a report with more than 15 to 16 pages might be challenging. This task becomes much more accessible to Gemini. But most of you may ask how it is possible because you cannot upload the PDF file to Gemini. Then, there is an alternative to this trick. You can paste the link of the pdf and write the prompt to analyze and give a brief explanation of this doc. 

Take this as an example to understand better how to analyze the report.


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Gemini Extension

Gemini is AI-powered by Google, so it can interact with other Google apps and services through an extension. It will provide more accurate responses to your prompt. 

See some of the uses of Google extension:

  • Gemini automatically picks an extension or multiple extensions and helps respond to you. 
  • Gemini shares information such as your location to provide the most relevant response.
  • Gemini can access info from new sources, like maps, YouTube, flights, and hotels, to make your life tasks much easier and simpler.

You can get summaries and quick answers from email, documents, and PDFs. For example, summarize recent Thailand trips from documents and put them in a table with data, time, and location.

Get an extension for various.  

Google Flights

Use @flights to pull in real-time info for intuitive and personalized travel planning.

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Google Hostels

Use hostels to search hostels based on what’s important to you.

Use prompts like Spring Gateway, see the Sights or Special Long Weekends. 

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Google Maps

Maps tap into location-based information to bring your plans to life. You can use the prompts like a tourist trek or find something nearby.  

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Google Workspace

Use Gmail, drive, and Docs to summarise, find, and get quick answers from your content to fuel your journey. Prompts like location information, summarising a document, or breaking it down for me are used. 

For example, if you want to search for an email from Spotify for a specific outcome, just write: Gamil, give me all emails mentioning Spotify earnings.

It will display these results.

I know you could ask me how it’s different from Gmail searching. I am sure you are thinking of it. But yes, it is different. How, I’ll tell you.  

I have searched for the same result on Gmail. 

EURMOFtE9DugJVi0jzmn2e BGzkTsgMjO8ymGpuNtxV91yII1zR3yPvVQzcTAAF2KacYFHbmYhULNnwHzEwRugYbdizXDFU cGU8dAomDr1tKL bO1qFMTGIR7UE2lIe3UgMBH4JuqK2u0agMS8Ereg

In this figure, you can see how many results are displayed if we check the Spotify and earning keywords. This long list might make it difficult to figure out your necessary email. It will display irrelevant results. This tip will help you navigate the required file from Big Ocean Data.

Let’s understand how the document is used to locate the file. If you want to search for a file name, Sat, you type ”Google Drive, could you please find documents related to Sat pre?” 

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Done! This will be displayed as a result. 

Here is a pro tip: If you know the file’s name, you can write it down on Google Drive. Find the self-assessment from my first year at BHU.

For doing the analyses, you can also consider this: 

Google Docs “Self-assessment at BHU” Please analyze and summarise this document and display the data as a table. 

You can also take the image from the docs and ask questions about the key takeaways from that chart.

Convert Screenshot to Excel Sheet:

You can take the screenshot and convert it into an Excel sheet. It will save plenty of time to do so. Let’s look at the example:


Take a screenshot of this pdf. To convert this into the Excel formatting sheet, put the screenshot and type it. Give me the data in table format. Be as accurate as possible. This will provide you with a table you can export in your spreadsheet with just one click.

7eg34DkPHiOyhYkSriBukK wp9FSRUMWvvErJMalhMLZll9fapvTPHdfFakBcvIBnpHNBVs3s4NnGjLUl5nUBEaGMiOdgZLj87So

This will be shown as a result.

This way, you can save time and give the most precise and accurate result. 


Use YouTube to discover YouTube videos and get answers about them. It helps to solve problems and is used to get inspiration and research a topic. 

Manage Your Email Accounts

Gemini capabilities can handle your email accounts to streamline your inboxes. Simply use the hashtag, and you can instantly access your Gmail account. If you want to search for a specific email, use the syntax: gmail<keyword>. This will navigate the desired email in your decluttering inboxes.

Google Gemini emerges as a remarkable tool. Do you know how to use it effectively to produce a maximum output from Google Gemini? 

These are the Google Gemini efficiency hacks:

  1. Write a Simple, straightfor,ward and brief Query:

  Writing a simple, clear, and concise query helps provide an appropriate prompt that Google Gemini understands. It will also help to decode the query well. To do so, you need to define the purpose and consider what you intend to achieve from AI-generated outcomes. 

Be specific. Set clear boundaries. 

  1. Provide Enough information: 

If you want the most relevant response, you need to mention the information and facts during your query. Try to give some facts, examples, and references to let your AI understand it and answer according to your desires.

  1. Turn Data in a Table Format: 

If your prompt provides raw data regarding your query, you can turn it into a table or paragraph format. It helps you in better understanding of data and increases your readability. 

  1. Fast-Check response:

The fast-generation response is all about what query or question you would ask your Gemini. Providing a prompt according to the AI prompt guidelines will surely provide you with better results. 

  1. Ask Follow-up questions: 

This is another way you can generate a response accordingly. It is better to ask follow-up questions and come up with satisfactory answers. If you have not reached a high level of satisfaction, you can continue asking the question. 

What is Getting the most out of Google Gemini?

You can follow various tips and tricks for Gemini to get the most out of it. From Gemini, you can do many things like brainstorming ideas, generating content, writing ideas, creating content, answering questions, summarising content, explaining complex code concepts and code, etc. 

You can get all your emails with a single click for a particular email address through Gemini. You can also check the hotels you want to book for upcoming weekends or holidays. You can also book the flights. 

Do you want to learn these tricks and tips to increase your work efficiency? 

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