Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions In 2024

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions In 2024

From 1950 to 2024, the journey of artificial Intelligence has been nothing short of exceptional, from the thought of creating artificial brains ( robots ) to creating systems that can replicate human intelligence and problem-solving.  As artificial Intelligence continues to evolve and mature, we have seen an increase in the common use of AI tools like ChapGPT, virtual assistants, etc. In 2024, the artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $305.90 billion with an annual growth rate of 15.83%, making AI one of the fastest-growing technologies.

Artificial Intelligence brings the wave of predictions that forecast their impacts on our lives. In this article, we will explore artificial Intelligence and the top 5 artificial intelligence predictions and the importance they hold for the future

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the combination of different technologies in a machine that automates, learns, and replicates human behavior. AI uses machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. All these technologies evolve at their own pace and, when combined, help businesses achieve their goals, whether it’s customer service or optimizing the supply chain. 

Artificial Intelligence mainly focuses on cognitive skills like:

  1. Learning: Artificial Intelligence programming collects data and creates rules for turning it into useful information. These rules are called algorithms, and they provide step-by-step instructions for completing a specific task. 
  1. Reasoning: After learning, the AI program chooses the right algorithm to get the desired outcome. 
  1. Self-correction: When learning and reasoning are done, this aspect of AI programming continuously reviews its algorithms to make sure that they provide the most relevant results.

Artificial Intelligence Predictions 2024

1. NVIDIA’s to offer its cloud services

NVIDIA is the biggest manufacturer of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units). With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence, the demand for GPUs will also bloom. NVIDIA does not sell GPUs directly to AI users. Instead, they get them from cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. These cloud providers buy chips in bulk from NVIDIA. According to Deloitte, the generative AI chip sales are estimated to be $50 billion, and software revenue may reach $10 billion in 2024. This continuously growing market attracts cloud providers to develop their self-made chips that will directly compete with NVIDIA’s GPUs.           

That’s why NVIDIA can offer its cloud service and operate its data centers in 2024 to reduce its reliance on cloud companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google for distribution. NVIDIA has already begun exploring the field with a new DGX Cloud cloud service. 

2. Artificial Intelligence In Education  

In 2024, we will experience more personalized learning through artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence will transform the way students engage with information, learn, and prepare for future challenges. Artificial Intelligence analyzes each student’s strengths and weaknesses and makes personalized learning plans to meet their specific requirements. In 2024, smart tutoring systems will provide real-time assistance to students and offer them personalized support based on their learning behavior, AI tutors will help students to understand complex mathematical concepts and refine their language skills at their own pace.  

With the continuous advancement in Artificial Intelligence, educators will only have to focus on their primary work, i.e., teaching. AI will handle all other secondary work like grading, administrative responsibilities, and student data analysis which will give the tutor more time to connect with their student. Ai-powered smart classrooms will increase the engagement. Interactive learning applications like virtual reality and AI-generated content, will attract students and make the learning process enjoyable. 

In 2024, the market size of Artificial Intelligence in Education reached $5.57 billion, with an annual growth rate of 39.7%.

3. Generative AI 

Generative AI is an artificial intelligence technology that uses machine learning to create fresh, original results based on the training data. ChapGPT is the most famous generative AI platform. Since its release, generative AI has been the talk of the town, and its growth shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, in 2024, the generative AI market size is expected to be USD 47.6 billion, with an annual growth rate of 33.7%.  

Example of Generative Artificial Intelligence: 

  • AI-generated Text: By using prompt, generative AI can provide various types of unique text from email copy to website copy and articles to novels. With the help of proper prompts, you can get the best results.
  • AI-generated Images: Image generators like Dall-E 2 can create images based on the description you provide, it can also generate art and hyper-realistic images.
  • AI-generated Speech: AI voice generator tools like ElevenLabs, Murf, etc convert text into audio in different languages, accents, and voices.
  • AI-generated video: AI tools like Colossyan, Synthesis, and Deepbrain AI convert your given prompts into realistic and natural videos. These tools offer the features of creating custom voices, avatars, etc., that make videos more interactive and real.

In the upcoming years, generative AI will continue to develop by making essential investments and promoting the development of more advanced tools for text, audio, images, and video generation.

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4.AI coding 

In a recent interview, the CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang claimed that soon AI will be able to do coding, making it easier for non-programmers to develop complex problems. Artificial Intelligence will help developers in the automation of repetitive tasks like code generation, documentation formatting, application testing and optimization of creative processes, improving code quality, and supporting problem-solving. According to Gartner, a technical research and consulting firm, 3 out of every four company’s software engineers will use AI to write code for complex programs.

With AI’s continued advancement, we should assume that everyone has started using AI tools to increase their productivity and time.

If you’re a software engineer, then soon using AI coding tools in any enterprise will the standard practice. If you don’t learn and adapt AI tools on time you will be left behind in this fast-moving world. 

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    AI TRiSM is abbreviated for Artificial Intelligence Trust, risk, and security management. It is a structure that will help organizations manage the risk of developing and deploying AI models. AI TriSM focuses on main five areas i.e. explainability, ModelOps, Data anomaly detection, Adversarial attack resistance, and data protection. In explainability,  

    AI TriSM will help different enterprises understand how their AI models make decisions and identify potential biases. 

    AI models are just like any other software system that needs to be managed and maintained.

     ModelsOps refers to AI TRiSM, which provides tools and processes for automating and monitoring the lifecycle of any AI model. AI TRiSM will also provide tools and techniques to organizations for defending against cyber attacks. If the data in the AI model is incorrect or the output is not satisfying. 

    AI TRiSM will help you identify and locate data anomalies that are the reason for errors in AI models. AI models contain sensitive, personal, and confidential data. AI TRiSM will help organizations follow data privacy regulations and protect the privacy of Individuals.


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