Create A 3D Pie Chart In Excel

Create A 3D Pie Chart In Excel

Visualizing data effectively is vital to understanding complex information and making informed decisions. While traditional pie charts are helpful, sometimes you need more depth and dimension to captivate your audience honestly. This is where 3D pie charts in Excel come into the picture.

Whether comparing sales figures across regions, tracking website traffic sources, or analyzing customer demographics, 3D pie charts can add a wow factor to your presentations and reports.

Create A 3D Pie Chart In Excel

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What is a 3D Pie Chart in Excel?

A 3D Pie Chart in Excel is a type of chart visually representing data in a three-dimensional circular form. It illustrates the proportion and distribution of different categories or data series within a whole. The 3D pie chart in Excel consists of pie slices, each representing a specific category or data series, and the size of each slice corresponds to the proportion of the whole it represents. Users can choose to “explode” or pull out specific slices of the pie for emphasis. This can be done to highlight a particular category or data series.

If you want a 3D pie chart maker guide, let us first understand 2D pie charts. 

2-D Pie Chart

  • Simple Pie chart: It is the most basic type of pie chart. 
  • Exploded pie chart: It illustrates the noticeable highlighted part that stands out from the rest. 
  • Pie of pie: It extracts some values from the main pie and combines them to form another pie.
  • Bar of pie: It removes some values from the main pie chart and combines them into the stack bar or bar graph.

Are you struggling to add a pie chart in Excel?

Let’s cover this topic in step by step-by-step process:

  1. In your spreadsheet, select the data used in making a pie chart. 
  2.  Select Insert from Ribbon and insert pie or Doughnut chart.
  3. On the arrow down, pick the chart you want to insert. 
  4. Click on the chart, then give it a finishing touch. 

  • To hide, unhide, or format things like data labels, click on the + icon.
  • To quickly change the color or style of the chart, use the Chart style.
  • To show or hide the data in your chart, click Chart Filter. 

Your pie chart is ready to use.

In the spreadsheet that appears, replace your data with the required data. 

When you’re finished, close the spreadsheet.

What Data is Needed for a Pie Chart?

Data entered by you in rows and columns are converted into the pie chart. Each slice of the pie shows the size or percentage of that slice relative to the whole pie. 

How to change the simple pie chart to the pie-to-pie or pie-to-bar chart. 

If you want to switch your chart to these charts, click the chart, and then click Change Chart type on the Chart Design tool TAB. Choose your desired chart when the chart change gallery opens. Select the desired chart. It’s Done. You will successfully change the chart. 

 You need a table format to clear the meaning of the data. Through a pie chart, you may analyze the data effectively. It is easy to understand which area to spend maximum expense on. The company also uses Google Sheets to share and present its annual report. 

How do you Create a Pie Chart in Excel or Google Sheets? 

You must need the data set if you require a pie chart to represent your data in the Google Sheets. 

  • Step1: Opening Google sheets

The foremost task in making a pie chart is to create a set of collected data on Google Sheets. Start inputting the data you want into the sheet. Make sure to put the relevant data and a clear label for each category. 

  • Step 2: Selection of Data

After entering your data set, select the data you entered, which is converted to the pie chart. 

  • Step 3: Choose Insert Menu in the Quick Access toolbar

Find the insert menu from the quick access toolbar and click on the insert option with the selected data. This is open to a drop-down menu. Now, you need to choose the chart option in the list. 

Create A 3D Pie Chart In Excel

  • Step 4: Set your Pie Chart

The pie chart will instantly be set on your sheet once you click on the pie chart. You can make changes to the pie chart.

  • Step 5: Customise your pie chart

Explore the customization option in the chart editor. Edit your chart, modify the color, add the title, and adjust the legends.  

Create A 3D Pie Chart In Excel

  • Step 6: Click the insert button in the Chart Editor once you are fully satisfied with the appearance of the pie chart. This action will put the chart into the Google Sheets document.

And you are done!

If you want to reposition or resize the pie chart, select the image and drag it according to you.

Want to make your Pie Chart more engaging and customized in Google Sheets? Come, let’s know how to do it!

  • Google Sheets provides a range of customization options to make your visualization more precise and engaging. A sidebar is open on the right side of your desktop screen. It is titled ” Chart Editor. 
  • On exploring the Chart Editor, you can change color, make a 3-D pie chart, add the length, change or add titles and labels, and much more. 
  • Once you click this button, select the category you want to choose about the background color, font used in the text, chart border, and layout.

How do you Create a 3D Pie Chart in Google Sheets?

Do you want to make a 3D Pie chart in Excel? Go to the layout option and select the 3-D option.

You must consider that a 3-D chart has limited options and is hard to read and estimate. 

Adding doughnut Chart

How to add a doughnut hole in the center of the pie chart.

  • Select the Customize tab.
  • Go to the Pie chart option. Select the Doughnut hole option. You have to type the percentage of the size of the whole inside the doughnut chart.
  • You are done! 

Legend option: This option allows the text in the chart to be positioned at the top, left, or right.


Creating a 3D Pie Chart with Multiple Data Sets in Excel

There are two main ways to achieve a 3D pie chart in Excel with multiple data sets:

Method 1: Stacked Slices

This method uses a single 3D pie chart in Excel with stacked slices representing different data sets.

  1. Ensure your data is in a table with three columns:
  • Category labels: Product names, regions, etc.
  • Data values for set 1: Sales figures, website visits, etc.
  • Data values for set 2: Profits, bounce rates, etc.
  1. To create the chart, select your entire data table. Go to Insert > Charts > Pie, and choose 3-D Pie.
  2. To stack the slices, right-click any pie slice and select Format Data Series. Under Series Options, choose Series Overlap and set it to 100%. This stacks the slices on top of each other.

Method 2: Multiple Charts

This method uses separate 3D pie charts in Excel for each data set and groups them.

  1. Select data for each set (category labels + values) and create separate 3D pie charts in Excel. 
  2. Arrange and group charts by manually adjusting the size and position of each chart to achieve the desired layout. Select multiple charts by holding Ctrl while clicking. Right-click any selected chart and choose Group.

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