Connect Excel To Facebook: A Complete Guide

Connect Excel To Facebook: A Complete Guide

Connecting Excel to Facebook is a productive use of Excel on Facebook for various marketing purposes. This is one of the fastest ways to view the traffic on all your Facebook ads accounts. Facebook ads manager easily attached your spreadsheet to the Facebook ads Account.

Now, connecting Excel to Facebook is relatively easy. Excel is a complex tool for analyzing data and exporting Facebook Excel that takes time, effort, and memory. The Facebook ads manager downloads a single report data from multiple ad accounts to reduce such Headaches. This will save time and work faster.

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How do you post a table on Facebook?

The most common way to post a table on Facebook is simple. You can follow this guide to connect Excel to Facebook in the least effective way, that is:

Step1. A new Facebook post can be created by opening it.

Step2. Go to the table where you can make friends. It is great if it’s in readiness because, at any rate, it is in a document or spreadsheet.

On most computers hitting the “Print Screen” button, you can print the current screen or press the key combination like “Shift + Command + 4” on Mac or “Windows key + Shift + S” on Windows.

Step3. After you have taken this screenshot, open Paint (on Windows) or Preview (on Mac).

Step 4. Insert the screenshot into the image editing program and use the Cropping tool to show the table.

Step 5. After that, save the cropped picture on the computer.

Step 6. Go again to Facebook, and in the fresh post window, select “Photo/Video” by clicking on it.

Step 7. Select the table you cropped from your computer files in the drop-down.

Step 8. Give the caption and any other text you want to include with the table.

Step 9. Then click “Post” to upload your table on Facebook!

Done! you have posted the screenshot on Facebook. I am sure most users follow such steps to publish the table on Facebook.

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How Does Facebook Ads Manager Work in Connecting Excel to Facebook?

Facebook Ads Manager in Excel downloads performance data from your ad accounts. You can do a lot more with your ad managers, like preparing a report on the performance of your campaigns, ad sets, or ads and seeing breakdowns by demographics, actions taken on ads, or time. You can also get filtered data based on a date, delivery status, ad objective, placements, etc.

Connect Excel To Facebook

Once you connect Excel to Facebook, you can create a report to download your ad performance data from multiple accounts. It reduces the task of exporting reports from each of your ad accounts.

Here are some more benefits of connecting Excel to Facebook:

  • Facebook Ads Manager creates and saves custom templates to help you quickly export the required reports. 
  • Facebook Ads Manager in Excel refreshes the data in your reports as often as you need to, whether once a week or every 15 minutes.
  • Facebook Ads Manager in Excel effectively organizes your ad performance data and makes it easy for you to analyze it using Excel’s pivot tables or other tools.

You must install this add-in to work with the Facebook Ads Manager for Excel. You’ll need to sign in with your Facebook account to connect Excel to Facebook, only then you will be able to create and download reports. 

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How Do You Use an Add-in Plug-in to Connect Excel to Facebook?

Add Plug is a magic wand that can help you use different plugs in your Excel sheet to help connect Excel to Facebook. The guide will help you How to use the add-in plugin.

  • Find an Add-in: In the first step, look for the add-in you like. You can execute this by navigating to the “Insert” tab in Excel, then clicking on “Get Add-ins”. You can search and browse the Office Add-ins Store and look for different add-ins.
  • Install the Add-in: When you’ve located the add-in that you desire, click on it and click the “Add” button to download it. Encounter and follow any prompts to install.
  • Access the Add-in: Following the completion of installation, the add-on is usually visible as a new tab or option in the Excel Ribbon. Search for the name of the add-in you installed and click on it to access its functionality.
  • Use the Features: So after accessing the add-in, you can begin to put its components into use. We could be taking the data, selecting options, or clicking buttons to perform specific functions tied to the add-in’s purpose.
  • Customize (if needed): Others would allow you to modify settings or adjust options to fit your conditions better. In this case, the settings that are available within the add-in should be looked into so you can tweak them as needed.
  • Save Your Work: Take care of your work safely by saving it frequently, perhaps while using a tool like an add-in to analyze or modify data.
  • Disable or Remove (if needed): If you do not need the add-in anymore or want to disable it temporarily, you can do that by taking the following steps backward: first, you go to the “Insert” tab, then you click on “My Add-ins”, then you manage your installed add-ins as you want.

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How to Post an Excel Spreadsheet on Facebook?

Posting an Excel spreadsheet directly on Facebook is a little tricky as Facebook doesn’t support uploading Excel files like it does with photos or videos. However, you can still share the information from your Excel spreadsheet differently.

You can post or connect the spreadsheet to your Facebook through these guidelines.

Step1-The initial step is to open the spreadsheet in the WPS office.

Step-2 Choose Import data from the Menu Bar.

Step-3 Now there are four option forms you need to select the web option. 

Step 4: A new tab will open for the web query.

Step 5- Login to the Facebook account 

Step 6- Click on the import option.

Step 7- Click on okay, and the window will open. You will see the activity of the Facebook user. 

If you have a business Facebook page, you can see how your page is growing. If you also want to show your insights dashboard to others but are afraid of revealing your login information. You can now import your insight data into the Excel spreadsheet. 

This will easily connect Excel to Facebook without any complications. 

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