Reliance JIO & The Nine IITs All Set To Unveil BharatGPT Hanooman

Reliance JIO & The Nine IITs All Set To Unveil BharatGPT Hanooman

Reliance JIO in collaboration with IIT Bombay and other IITs is all set to launch India’s own AI language Model series “Hanooman” in collaboration with Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare(SML). India joins the ranks of global AI innovators with the unveiling of BharatGPT, a homegrown language model set to redefine possibilities in artificial intelligence.

Akash Ambani announced that the new AI Bharat GPT will turn over a new leaf for the company, incorporating the technology across all branches. He shared the news during the annual tech-fest of IIT Bombay.

“We are working very hard to launch AI not only as a vertical inside our organization but horizontally across all our sectors,” said Akash Ambani, oldest son of Mukesh Ambani.


What is Hanooman?

It is a series of language models which is initially designed to respond to 11 Indian languages with a vision to increase the count to 22 languages. According to a Bloomberg report, BharatGPT group in a video on Tuesday, showed different people interacting with the AI tool in different languages.

It is a multimodal AI tool, which can generate Tex, audio, video and many more in the Indian language according to the BharatGPT group. It is designed to work in four fields including education, financial services, governance and health care. 

The size of these AI models ranges from 1.5 billion to a whopping 40 billion parameters.

Current Status of BharatGPT 

According to Akash Ambani, the Model is expected to be released in March 2024. People are all excited to explore the new AI model. It is under improvement within the guidance of a dedicated team of lecturers and Jio engineers tirelessly painting to bring BharatGPT to life. We all are waiting to see how the new Model can turn the table for India in the field of AI Innovations.