Best AI Tools For Simplifying Daily Tasks And Organization

Best AI Tools For Simplifying Daily Tasks And Organization

AI has become the next prevailing industry around the world. Thanks to companies like Open AI, AI tools have become a valuable resource for students to skyrocket their careers by enhancing their learning experience. 

Best AI Tools for Students

The best AI tools for student guide will provide a list of the top 10 AI-powered education tools through which you will benefit and analyze the future trends in AI for education.

There are three types or categories of AI tools for students:

  • AI-based Learning Management System(LMS)
  • AI-powered tutorial tools for student
  • AI Tools for Language Learning

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These tracking systems help to indicate the strong and weak points of the students and track their performance over time. It also highlights the need for additional practice. 

Mentoring AI Tools

These are the mentor’s tools that eventually help you mentor, solve your problem, and provide additional information related to your topic. It teaches you the language you are comfortable with and is also available 24*7 hours. 

Language Learning

Learning a new language is challenging, But AI tools make it easy for you in your learning experience.

The best AI tools used for students who lie in the above three learning categories are:

  • Grammarly: It is helpful for students to improve their writing skills. It will analyze your article and detect errors in correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes in real time.  
  • Notion: An all-in-one workspace allows students to organize and manage their tasks, notes, and projects.
  • Gradescope: Gradescope is an AI-powered grading tool that maintains the grading process for students and instructors. It helps the students to submit their assignments online. It also automatically grades multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and coding questions.
Best AI tools

  • ChatGPT: This is a game-changing web application as it is one of the best AI tools anyone uses. Students can use Chat-GPT to get instant answers to their queries, clarify their concepts on complex topics, and have one-to-one interactive study sessions with the chatbot. 
  • Dall-e: It is the best AI tool for students of graphic design or the visual arts. It generates the images from the textual description provided to it. For example, if you ask DALL-E to develop “a monk to sit on a cycle,” it would use its trained AI capabilities to generate images that match your request as closely as possible.

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  • is one of the best handy transcription tools that converts your spoken language into written text. It is helpful for students who want to transcribe lectures, interviews, or class discussions. Students can easily search through recorded audio files. 
Best AI Tools

  • Copyscape: It is an AI-powered plagiarism detection tool that detects whether the work is original or copied. It helps to determine the duplicity of the content.
  • Tutor AI: It is an AI-based tutoring platform that connects students with qualified tutors. Students are mentored, given assignments, and helped in problem-solving.

Best Free AI Tools

The best free AI tools will help you to use AI technologies without any financial burden. Some of the best free AI tools are:


Descript comes with a transcription tool that converts your videos into a script. Then, you will no longer need a timeline to shape the audio and video tracks. Video trimming could be done in just a few minutes. The rest will work the same way, eventually decreasing your time for video edits. Moreover, it offers a range of AI features that allow you to blur the background, clean up grainy film, and enhance sound. All the hard stuff is cut off, and you get the classic video editing user experience.

Best AI Tools


Runway is a magic wand. It gives you creative tools, including video generation, training of AI models, and painting using exciting text prompts. The learning experience is encouraging, and the app is top-rated among video makers. The various AI applications available are text-to-video conversion, changing the video style with text, creating custom portraits, animals, scenery, and various other video, image, 3D, and audio AI services. 

Best AI Tools

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Best AI Tools for Business

The list of AI tools for business purposes is almost very high. But in this guide, you will learn some of the most highly beneficial AI tools that will be most important.

It is an email assistant that helps you improve your communication efficiency and productivity. AI company’s main prominent selling feature: it will help you write more effective emails and define your recipients’ behavior. “” is an advanced platform that analyzes your recipient’s communication style and suggests how to match it in real time. This will increase your chances of a letter acceptance. As well as it also delivers helpful information about what time and day you have to send your emails based on your recipient’s activity.


 It is constructed to help you optimize your digital workplace and enhance productivity. They differ here: Motion employs machine learning algorithms to yield intelligent task scheduling, prioritize automatically, and notify intelligently.

It has a user-friendly interface and customizable AI settings, which are versatile for various work styles. Whether you are a freelancer battling against procrastination or a team leader struggling to increase productivity in your team, Motion posits the use of AI to utilize time better and coordinate tasks.

It utilizes artificial intelligence to create SEO-optimized and user-focused content that meets the target audience’s expectations, which is beneficial for content producers, marketers, and SEO professionals.’s AI can consume the top-performing online content for any topic, detect the patterns that have helped them perform well, and then translate the insights into action. In short, employs AI technology to accelerate the SEO-oriented content creation task, optimizing the planning process to use less time and deliver exceptional results.

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Be10x AI Tool Workshop: How Can You Learn AI Tools? 

AI technologies are already dominating and will shape future workplaces; mastering them is essential. Knowledge of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard is crucial for those seeking top-paying positions, whereas it is easier to find a job with this knowledge. Why?

Thus, for job seekers, AI tools can be used to do tasks like PPT creation, Excel data management, coding, etc., increasing the technology literacy of individuals and work differentiators.

Since AI tools are pretty new and still need to be discovered by many professionals, Most people are less skilled in the working style of AI tools, and therefore, they prefer jobs that do not require such skills. Be10X is aiming to bridge that gap.

Be10X is one of the prominent tech platforms that focuses on upgrading working professionals with AI skills to speed up their career growth. The platform name stands for ‘Become a 10X’ and aims to assist in becoming a better version of oneself.

Be10X provides unique workshop sessions with industry-standard learning to improve individuals’ skills and productivity, ensuring they reach career breakthroughs. The platform offers a possibility to narrow the distance between professional data scientists and working people who either use AI tools or will be involved in AI tool development.

Be10x was co-founded by Aditya Goenka and Aditya Kachave, members of IIT Kharagpur Alumni. These members have vast ed-tech expertise, having already built two eight-figure companies using AI. Both of them have immense experience in entrepreneurship to train professional athletes in applying AI and becoming their best selves.

The Be10X workshops involve the AI tools workshop, a 2-hour session live with the founders in which practical learning about AI tools and ChatGPT is done. While the value of that workshop depends on your professional goals and objectives, it is still worth acceding to if you’re passionate about future-proofing jobs by learning trending skills.

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  • Buying a house of your choice, primarily since you cannot raise money of this magnitude, would not be possible.
  • Prior technical knowledge is optional to get through the workshop.

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