Top 5 Advanced Project Ideas To Enhance Your AI Skills

Top 5 Advanced Project Ideas To Enhance Your AI Skills

The AI industry has significantly expanded in the past few years. Every time you scroll through social media, you discover one pops up on the screen. The AI industry has expanded massively, and it is predicted that it will reach around 126 billion us dollars in the next few years. 

Most multinational companies hire AI practitioners, and median salaries are going up to $ 171 to $715, which can go up to $250,000.

We all know AI is built to stay here. We are embracing AI to stay and make our lives more comfortable and efficient. It saves a lot of time, energy, and money for a business owner. Its intelligence will invade the sector of supporting decision-making, diagnosis generation, customer segmentation, predicting undesired situations, and more. To use AI’s full potential, it should be important to brush up on our AI knowledge and skills and implement the ideas into the picture. To do so you need to practice AI skills and learn how to work on advanced projects to stimulate your AI skills.     


If you are interested in AI but don’t have professional qualifications, the best way to showcase your interest in AI projects is through advanced projects.

Building AI advanced projects improves your skillset and is a great way to display your AI skills to prospective employers to get into your dream job.

Let’s Get Into Advanced Project Ideas For Upgrading Your AI Skills

The AI projects will vary from beginner level to advanced level. 

Advanced Drone

The autonomous drone can navigate independently, identify obstacles, and perform specific tasks for different sectors. It has significant advantages compared to traditional drones. It flies for a longer period and performs tasks more accurately. This will perform tasks which is impossible for a human to do. Among various uses in several industries, it will help in agriculture, security, and general cases. 

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AI Drones Use Cases

In this paragraph, we will be discussing how the infusion of AI with drone helps in different sectors. This part of the article can help you understand AI’s use in drones.


AI-powered drones scan agricultural crops and collect data on their health and soil condition. The data is then scanned and analyzed by farmers, who suggest ways to improve crop health, such as detecting pests and consuming water to detect disease at early stages. 

Some of the AI drones are introduced for weed detection. The targeted herbicide spraying system is developed to minimize unnecessary chemical use.

Infrastructure Inspections and Maintenance

It is extremely difficult for a person to inspect the expansive massive infrastructure such as bridges and oil pipelines and cover a wide range of areas around the construction. Specialized drones are optimized with automated computer vision which can identify the microscopic cracks in concrete crevices and corroded iron and metals.


AI drones monitor the all-time progress at construction sites. Drones identify and detect the issues that may lack attention. This saves time and resources compared to the traditional inspection method. 

Public Safety

AI-powered drones are used by law enforcement and emergency responders to keep an eye on emergencies. Drones are equipped with cameras and sensors to identify missing people and identify the culprit who does not follow traffic rules. 

Development Of AI Algorithm For Autonomous Navigation Of Drones

AI and sensor technology together provide a well-equipped tool that provides real-time planning and decision-making. 

Sensor Fusion

 The sensor fusion technique combines data from the sources to provide a real-time analysis of the drone’s surroundings. By leveraging the strengths of each sensor, we gain more power in determining the vehicle’s position.


In this technique, the drone constructs a map of its environment and simultaneously figures out itself within the map. This helps the drone understand its surroundings, especially when the map is not available or incomplete. 

Planning & Optimization

AI-powered planning and optimization are crucial in determining the drone’s trajectory to avoid obstacles. This algorithm saves energy and prevents dynamic obstacles. Training plays a crucial role in machine learning, which predicts the best path based on sensor inputs and past data. 

Obstacles Detection

CNN’s Convolutional Neural Network is used to identify objects in the path of the drone and allow the system to make informed decisions for navigation adjustment.

Real-time Decision-Making

The AI algorithm makes a decision based on the incoming sensor data. The development of AI algorithms for autonomous navigation is based on sensor integration, mapping paths, obstacle detection, and real-time decision-making.     

AI Game 

AI applications in gaming come in a variety of forms. The game will utilize AI differently for different age groups of people. AI was previously used to predict your next move. The importance of AI in gaming is to improve the playing experience for players. Consequently, worldwide investment in AI-based game development has been constantly evolving.

The Main Applications Of AI In Games

Image Enhancement: It transforms a 3D model into a realistic photo. Do you remember the Grand Theft Auto 5 games that use the 3-D image enhancement technique? Also, video games use the AI upscaling picture. It converts the low-resolution picture into something appears identical and has far more pixels. These tasks take more time for the developer to work on. However, AI algorithms can create and improve the scenario of the games. 

The designer used non-deterministic methods such as decision trees, deep neural networks, and genetic algorithms in popular games like Black&White, Field of Battle, and Heavy Gears.

In a lame language, it is the most basic machine-learning algorithm for game development. Decision trees are easy to comprehend and understand. There are a lot of complex tree visualizing methods. It helps the player to understand how their decision will influence the future if they play through them.

Car driving through AI: Let’s talk about the basics of car driving through AI. It started when the Tesla came in the market for the first time. Then the competitors start implementing smart drivers that check ks the vehicle’s surroundings and alert them in case of an emergency. That is why the solution is put forward to benefit the driver.

The solutions are: 

  • Emergency brakes: The CWAB system uses full braking power to stop the car and avoid car accidents.
  • Night Vision: Mercedes offers this solution, which uses thermographic cameras to increase brightness while driving in darkness or poor weather conditions.
  • Alert and instruction: These features provide voice commands and weather alerts during emergencies. 
  • Lane Control: The vehicle alerts while your car is driving off the lane. 

The AI has capabilities that can make it a self-driven car and make it 100% autonomous. 

AI for climate change: 

AI plays a great role in predicting weather, tracking icebergs, and identifying pollution. It is used to improve agriculture and reduce environmental impact. The power of AI helps to process a huge amount of data. You will be surprised to know that almost 4 billion people have already lived in areas that are highly vulnerable to climate change, and almost 250 000 extra deaths will take place from undernutrition and malaria.


How does AI help in climate change?

  • AI knows where Icebergs are melting
  • Measuring the level of deforestation with AI 
  • AI helps in recycling the waste
  • AI will predict climate disasters
  • AI helps to reduce industry decarbonise 

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