5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Education System In 2024

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Education System In 2024

Artificial intelligence will change the Education system. Do you agree with it?  The education sector has been disrupted in the past few years. The landscape of education has been altered by the invasion of AI in their sector. This will highly affect the education industry as new AI tools threaten tuition, schools, and colleges. In the same way, automation eases out the tasks related to the admission process, teaching and learning, and curriculum process.

Integrating AI into the education system has proven to benefit students and teachers as it alters traditional teaching and employs real-life examples and illustrations to facilitate a better student learning experience. 

artificial intelligence will change education

Still, AI promises to improve higher education by helping students choose the right colleges, assist them in learning, prepare them for the job market, and help them build their careers. 

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Many colleges adopted AI technology early on as academics became more convenient and personalized. Colleges that accepted the AI have started using it to make their lecture more engaging and accessible under their brand name. This will help popularise their brands and increase engagement among students.  This has changed learning as materials are accessible through smartphones and computers. Hence, students don’t need to attend the physical class. They have done their studies on the Internet.  A survey says 43% of students use AI tools for projects and assessments. 

On the other hand, universities are struggling to become relevant in this AI landscape and are making efforts to prove their worth. Will they embrace the arrival of AI in their sector, or will they fall victim to a new reality of automation? 


Overall, AI has brought a great transition in the education sector. It has benefitted students and increased the efficiency of schools and institutions. However, some of its side effects are still being experienced.   

Let’s start exploring the remarkable ways artificial intelligence will change education. 

Personalized Learning

AI is a friendly helper. It will figure out how the learner wants to display the learning content. It discovers various learning processes and figures out which is best for you. It is acting like your favorite teacher who knows you well. It analyses vast data, including performance, interest, and goals, and generates personalized recommendations like a tutor. This helps the student generate relevant content that matches their needs. 

Multimodal Learning

Multimodal learning is a teaching style in which a tutor uses visuals, auditory, reading, writing, and kinaesthetic methods. It caters to different learning preferences and maximizes students’ learning potential, making their educational experience more personalized and engaging. Multimodal assessments are like multimedia projects, where students can create videos, podcasts, or digital portfolios.

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3. Simplification of Administrative Tasks

AI simplifies administrative tasks through automation. It streamlines the centralized functions like registration, enrollment, and scheduling by automating administrative mundane tasks like data entry, paperwork, etc. This will reduce the administrative errors associated with your manual inputs. 

Secondly, AI  enhances the collaboration between the college or school and student with their parents. It simplifies the communication process between teachers, parents, administrators, staff members, and children by automating notifications or messages to facilitate better collaboration on academic goals. 

It analyses the data set to find a pattern of whether the performance of a student or group of students improved. It also checks student participation in curriculum activities to foster a child’s overall development. 

Thirdly, AI assistants provide information about the organization’s policies and procedures, which would speed up the decision-making process and provide accurate guidance with a uniform set of protocols. This will assist in communicating important announcements of events through email automation. 

Classroom Management

Classroom management is about organization, directions, and monitoring the resources within a classroom to create an overall learning environment. 

Classroom management is a challenging aspect of teaching, especially when students’ strengths are pretty significant. Chatgpt and AI play a crucial role in classroom management by providing recommendations and strategies based on input. It established an intelligent classroom that developed a dynamic learning setting. Integrating a classroom with AI can enhance class interaction, student involvement, and diversion. With AI, students and teachers can cultivate an optimal learning environment. It manages all the information regarding student engagement and pinpoint opportunities. It can track daily attendance and plan your lecture.

Personalized Assessment and Feedback

AI can automate the assessment task and provide individual feedback to students. An intelligent grading system can evaluate quizzes, assignments, and assessment exams. This will generate the student report card that identifies the area of improvement and provides targeted suggestions regarding further learning.  

AI platform then produces the individual path for the student based on their goals, interests, and previous knowledge. By adapting the course and meeting the needs of each student, AI ensures that they receive the appropriate challenges and support, maximizing their learning outcomes. AI has tremendous potential to change the education system.

AI can replace the human touch in the education system because it can’t be irreplaceable. Human teachers create a supportive and inspiring learning environment that an AI can’t. However, combining AI and a human teacher leads to more effective and personalized student education.


Lastly, AI can assist in identifying the problem in education and provide solutions. Still, education needs to be improved somewhere. Through AI, we can fill the gaps in high-quality education. AI will provide possible ways to choose the way they want to learn. 

It has undoubtedly transformed the traditional approach to teaching. That’s why colleges, schools, and universities are investing in integrating AI into their education curriculum. AI technology has the potential and capabilities to automate tasks like grading and data assessment, facilitate student learning, and offer numerous other benefits.

Frequently Asked Question

Will AI Replace Humans?

No, AI can’t replace humans because AI can provide a friendly, loving, and eco-friendly environment that humans can provide. It is not about whether teachers will disappear in the future. It is about whether they create a partnership where AI and humans can do best for each other. 

Will AI change the world in the next 10 Years? 

AI will be deeply implemented in our daily lives in the next ten years. Ai will encounter engagement in creative tasks, research work, and decision-making processes.

 What is AI in Impairment Education?

Ai-powered tools that help to translate text into speeches for impaired students and convert speech to text format for impaired students. AI analyzes these students to identify their learning patterns, predict information, and identify the learning paths. 

Will AI be the Future of Education? How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Education?

Yes! AI will be the next step in the future of education. It helps in personalized learning, provides diverse learning patterns, identifies your subject interest, suggests your scorecard improvement, and figures out the capabilities.  

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