15 Best AI Tools for Developers

15 Best AI Tools for Developers

AI is gradually bleeding into every part of our lives, and now’s the time to make the most of it. Especially for professionals like software developers, who tackle multiple tasks daily and need all the assistance. They can get to expedite operations. 

To that end, we’ve curated this list of top 15 AI tools for developers. These tools are designed to automate development operations, increase efficiency, enhance user experience, add personalization, and improve decision-making. 

So, let’s dive into these AI tools for software development and explore how they help in boosting the overall development lifecycle.

15 best AI tools for software developers

1. Codesnippets

Codesnippets - the best AI tool for developers

Codesnippets is an awesome AI tool for software developers, powered by ChatGPT. It is a code-generation tool that boosts developer productivity through natural language processing and machine learning, allowing it to auto-generate code snippets. Additionally, Codesnippets is one of the best free AI tools for developers for the features it offers, but users can unlock extra features with the pro plan of $10/month.

Key features: 

  • Coding quickly and smartly via the GPT-4 engine.
  • Intelligent coding suggestions for software developers.
  • Securely storing and fetching codes whenever developers need them. 
  • Preventing code style violations, syntax errors, and other issues for generating high-quality code.
  • Codesnippets also self-learns from prior code snippets to suggest personalized codes.

2. Tabnine


Tabnine is an AI code completion tool. It helps to boost developer productivity by auto-completing codes and streamlining workflows. Developers can simply type, and Tabnine will predict and suggest the next lines of code based on syntax and context. This is the reason that makes it one of the best AI tools for software development today.

Key features: 

  • Fully-functioning code completions. 
  • Improving code consistency and quality through suggested code completions. 
  • Whole-line code completions for best results. 
  • Ability to run on local computers and not share a developer’s code and data. 

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3. Spellbox


Spellbox is another AI tool for developers that helps in avoiding frustrating coding sessions. Using powerful AI algorithms, Spellbox generates appropriate code snippets based on a developer’s prompts, allowing them to tackle even the most challenging programming hurdles within seconds. However, this AI tool isn’t free and is currently priced at $65. 

Key features

  • Generating codes through simple descriptions and prompts. 
  • Saving preferred code snippets via bookmarks. 
  • A VS Code extension that seamlessly integrates with the code editor.
  • Ensuring code quality through quality checks and error resolutions.
  • Offering performance metrics to let developers track how their code is progressing.

4. AiXcoder


AiXcoder is an AI tool that simplifies the process of coding at the method level. Using this tool, developers can translate natural language into code without having to go through all the hard work. Moreover, AiXcoder offers intelligent code completion for a group or whole line of codes, and can even adapt to a developer’s coding environment for rapid feedback. 

Key features: 

  • Offering coding efficiency metrics.
  • Solving complex programming challenges through enterprise-level customization solutions.
  • Generating complex code for a developer’s desired functions through natural language inputs.
  • Integrating flawlessly with IDEs for code search. 
  • Allowing offline coding through a privacy coding environment using a deep learning method.

5. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot - the best AI tool for developers

GitHub Copilot is also considered one of the best AI tools for web development, given its diverse set of features. It’s a revolutionary AI-driven coding assistant that uses Open AI codex to suggest real-time functions and codes to completely automate coding during development. The tool is completely free for individual use. However, teams must pay $3.67/month and enterprises, $19.25/month, to unlock additional functionalities. 

Key features:

  • Transforming natural language prompts into coding suggestions. 
  • Providing smart code suggestions for code methods, functions, and snippets.
  • Enabling easy code sharing through real-time programmer collaboration. 
  • Integrating seamlessly with prominent code editors, including JetBrains, VS Code, and more.
  • Ability to get coding examples from a vast coder community to resolve issues almost instantly.

6. Mintlify

Mintlify is an AI tool designed to simplify documentation for software developers. Thanks to AI, this tool can easily build documentation that’s easy to maintain and completely optimized for user engagement. All a developer needs to do is highlight the code, and Mintlify does the rest. While some features are available with the free plan, users will need to pay anywhere between $120-400/month based on preferences and needs.

Key features

  • Understanding complex functions and creating appropriate documentation. 
  • Quickly generating code comments to understand what another developer’s function is doing.
  • Providing tailored analytics to help developers understand user engagement.
  • Optimizing functions for enhanced user experience. 
  • Operating on a developer-focused approach, living alongside the codebase, to align well with a developer’s schedule. 

7. Codex

OpenAI Codex

Codex is another AI tool for developers that excels in Python, with stellar mastery over other languages too, including JavaScript, PHP, Swift, Ruby, SQL, and TypeScript. Codex offers a variety of applications, from auto-completing codes to creating sophisticated code snippets. 

Key features:

  • Providing access to extensive APIs and libraries for enhanced code functionality.
  • Automatically adding comments to code, boosting its readability, accessibility, and quality.
  • Analyzing codes and suggesting changes to minimize execution times and maximize performance. 
  • Offering contextual suggestions for upcoming coding lines to make coding more efficient.
  • Completely free to use and provides access to robust features for building complex software applications.

8. AskCodi


An AI code assistant, AskCodi was developed by Assistiv.ai, which is driven by the aim to help developers code smarter and quicker. AskCodi supports various programming frameworks and languages, including Java, C#, React, CSS, and Vue. 

Key features

  • Providing extensions to popular IDEs like PyCharm and VS Code.
  • Generating code from natural language as per a developer’s description and the chosen programming language.
  • Viewing and sharing a developer’s previous searches and created codes with their team collaborators. 
  • Examining codes for performance issues, security threats, and bugs, and providing suggestions for improvement. 
  • Offering applications for both backend and frontend documentation, development, and more. 

9. AlphaCode


AlphaCode, made by DeepMind, is an AI system capable of producing competitive computer programs. The tool builds codes after analyzing inputted natural language explanations of a problem through transformer-based language models. One of the best AI tools for development, AlphaCode can help solve complex programming problems involving logic, critical thinking, coding, algorithms, and more.

Key features:

  • Solving tough issues through natural language comprehension, coding, algorithms, and logic. 
  • Trained to solve difficult issues through GitHub’s competitive solutions and tasks.
  • Displaying the transformer model’s attention weights to highlight which tokens have been illustrated to generate codes. 
  • Handling issues with tags and ratings, like greedy and constructive algorithms.
  • Generating efficient and accurate solutions after passing a dataset’s test cases. 

10. IntelliCode


Made by Visual Studio, IntelliCode is an excellent AI tool for developers. This AI-driven coding engine integrates seamlessly with a developer’s coding workflow. The tool uses machine learning to provide smart recommendations and ideas to developers and also expedites the overall process by increasing productivity. 

Key features

  • Providing the ability to refactor codes more flexibly.
  • Identifying code duplications when identifying local code modifications. 
  • Recognizing code context, including functions, variable names, and coding languages.
  • The ability to share code across various contributors. 
  • Displaying suggestions at the top of a code completion list, marked by a star icon. 

11. Blackbox


Blackbox is an AI-powered sophisticated platform that helps developers build, manage, and deploy machine learning models, hassle-free. The tool was actually designed to help programmers write code quickly and in a more efficient way than ever before. 

Key features:

  • Supporting over 20 programming languages and building stellar code snippets.
  • Transforming a developer’s questions from natural language into codes. 
  • Autocompleting codes while coding in almost any programming language.
  • The ability to extract code from videos in almost seconds, using the Blackbox Chrome extension. 

12. Replit


Replit is a versatile and robust AI-driven IDE to help developers build software seamlessly. Replit makes coding more efficient, flexible, and collaborative; plus developers can code directly from a web browser. Hence, this AI tool is an excellent option for helping developers work smarter, whether they’re experienced or not.

Key features:

  • Hosting and sharing a developer’s projects and making them live instantly.
  • Providing a debugger to help recognize a project’s code flawlessly.
  • Using natural language to let developers chat with the AI directly within their IDE.
  • Providing built-in live collaboration where developers can build apps together from almost anywhere.
  • Offering integrated tutorials and tutorials for project-building. 

13. AutoRegex


AutoRegex is another great AI tool for developers that simplifies the development of RegEx (regular expressions) through natural language processing. This powerful AI-powered tool translates English to RegEx, allowing developers to easily generate RegEx patterns without much syntax experience.

Key features:

  • Optimizing regular expressions to boost application performance.
  • Enabling developers to create RegEx patterns without much hassle.
  • Integration with programming environments like JetBrains IDEs and Visual Studio Code.
  • Offering a seamless interface to help developers simply choose output goats and input strings.

14. Kodezi


Kodezi offers an all-in-one coding solution for not just developers, but enterprise teams and students as well. It’s an advanced productivity suite that uses AI to automate various coding tasks, including commenting, optimization, summarizing, docstrings, code generation, and debugging. 

Key features

  • Generating code rapidly through text input, instant function creation, or project questions. 
  • Optimizing code for efficiency by decreasing unnecessary syntax and lines.
  • Translating code to other desired languages. 
  • Helping developers generate code documentation with key comments for maintaining codebases. 
  • Provides support for over 30 languages. 

15. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Another great AI tool is Amazon CodeWhisperer, a powerful tool that gives developers a massive edge by offering 27% higher success rates and 57% faster build times. That’s because the tool uses billions of lines of code obtained from real-world projects to offer smarter, instant suggestions, including everything from full functions to snippets. 

Key features:

  • Supporting multiple IDEs and programming languages.
  • Housing built-in security scans and bias avoidance tools to keep codes secure.
  • Fully optimized to use alongside AWS solutions.
  • Providing real-time coding suggestions instantly, tailored to a developer’s specific needs.
  • Comprehensive IDE support, including IntelliJ IDEA, AWS Lambda, VS Code, JupyterLab, and AWS Cloud9. 

AI Tool of the Day

How to choose the best AI tools for development? 

While choosing the best AI tool for development this depends on your personal preferences and unique project needs 

The factors listed below play a key role when determining the best AI tools for developers: 

  • Clearly defining the needs for the tool, including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, etc.
  • Researching thoroughly and comparing tool features to select the one that most aligns with your needs.
  • Evaluating integration and compatibility with your current tech stack, frameworks, programming languages, and the desired infrastructure.
  • Checking if the tool has a vibrant community and support to get solutions, hassle-free.
  • Understanding the ease of use and learning curve of a tool, ensuring that the right tool is chosen that doesn’t need substantial expertise.
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Living in the age of artificial intelligence, it’s almost a no-brainer to leverage the brilliant tools stemming from it. The AI tools for developers are an excellent example of how powerful this technology is, and using them is now a must to be an efficient professional and a star developer.

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