Samsung Galaxy AI Is Here, All New Features Explained

Samsung Galaxy AI Is Here, All New Features Explained

Samsung Galaxy AI refers to the set of artificial intelligence features on Samsung Galaxy devices, particularly the recently released Galaxy S24 series. It has various functionalities that aim to boost user experience across communication, creativity, and information discovery. 

What is Samsung Galaxy AI?

Samsung Galaxy AI is not just a single feature, but rather a collection of smart functionalities. These AI features will be seen in Samsung’s S24 series and onwards. You can think of it as a digital help that forecast your needs and wisely assists you in everyday tasks.

samsung galaxy ai

You can now cross language barriers with effortless conversation, thanks to Live Translate’s real-time voice and text interpretation. Moreover, you can turn a grainy photo into a masterpiece with the Pro-Visual Engine’s AI-powered features. Just think of discovering the world around you in a whole new way, simply by drawing a circle around an object with Circle to Search. Now, you have a smartphone in your pocket that understands your context and adapts to your preferences. Well, Galaxy AI can even anticipate your desires – that is the essence of Samsung Galaxy AI.

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What are Samsung Galaxy AI features?

As already mentioned, Galaxy AI comes with lots of features. Here are some Samsung Galaxy AI features:

  1. Live Translate: This feature translates conversations in real-time, both voice and text, between 13 languages and 17 dialects. It’s handy for international travel or bridging language gaps with friends and colleagues. 
  1. Galaxy AI Call Screen feature: This feature uses AI to screen incoming calls and identify potential spam or scam calls. It can even answer the call on your behalf and provide a transcript of the conversation. 
  1. Galaxy AI Interpreter: This Samsung Galaxy AI feature provides real-time translation of conversations even when you’re offline. It is useful for situations where an internet connection is unavailable. 
  1. Note Assist: This feature automatically formats your notes into a clear and easy-to-review summary. It can also identify key points and generate action items. 
  1. AI Summarise: This Samsung Galaxy AI feature summarises long articles or documents for you and saves you time and effort. 
  1. Chat Assist: This feature enhances your conversational tone in text messages and chats. It can suggest relevant emojis, GIFs, and even reply options. 

  1. Nightography: This Galaxy AI feature improves the quality of photos and videos taken in low-light conditions.
  1. Object Eraser: This feature will help you remove unwanted objects from your photos. You will erase objects with a single tap.
  1. Multi Remaster: This Samsung Galaxy AI feature enhances the quality of old photos and videos by upscaling them and reducing noise. 

Samsung is constantly updating with new features and improvements in AI technology integrated in its smartphones. It is worth noting that some Samsung Galaxy AI features, like Live Translate and Object Eraser, require a Galaxy S24 series phone with a compatible processor. 

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Overall, Galaxy AI is a powerful set of features that can make your smartphone experience more productive, convenient, and fun. If you are considering a new Galaxy phone, be sure to check out the Galaxy AI features to see if they are a good fit for you or not. 

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What is the Samsung Galaxy AI Price?

There is not a single “Galaxy AI” price. This is because Galaxy AI is not a standalone product, but rather a set of features integrated into the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones. However, there are various aspects to consider concerning Galaxy AI price:

Free vs. Paid: 

Most Galaxy AI features are currently free of charge until the end of 2025 on supported Galaxy S24 devices. After that, Samsung might introduce different pricing models or make some features subscription-based. For example, there might be additional costs for AI functionalities provided by third-party services within the Samsung Galaxy AI ecosystem. 

Phone Price: 

The price of the Galaxy S24 smartphone itself, which comes with Samsung Galaxy AI pre-installed, varies depending on the model and storage capacity. Starting prices range from around $800 for the Galaxy S24 to $1600 for the Galaxy S24 Ultra with the highest storage capacity. 


Other Considerations for Galaxy Price:

Dealers might offer discounts on Galaxy S24 smartphones. This will potentially impact the overall cost. Additional costs like case, screen protector, or accessories are not directly related to Galaxy AI but add to the total expense. 

Therefore, instead of a single “Galaxy AI” price, it’s more accurate to think of it as having an indirect cost through the purchase of a Galaxy S24 smartphone. 

What is the Samsung Galaxy AI release date?

Samsung Galaxy AI was actually released on January 17, 2024, alongside the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones. The announcement and showcase of the various Galaxy AI features happened during the Samsung Unpacked event held on that date. 

So, it has been available for a few days now. Therefore, If you are interested in exploring Galaxy AI or purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphone, you can head over to the Samsung website or visit a retailer to check out the Galaxy S24 series.

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Frequently Asked Question about Galaxy AI

Q. How do I use Galaxy AI?

A. Using Samsung Galaxy AI depends on the specific feature you’re interested in. Most Galaxy AI features are integrated into native Samsung apps on your Galaxy S24 device. Look for the AI icon (a circle with three lines radiating from it) within these apps, or access them through specific settings sections: 

  • Camera: AI features like Nightography, Object Eraser, and Multi Remaster are found within the Camera app settings or editing options. 
  • Gallery: Object Eraser and other editing tools might be available in the Gallery app’s editing tools. 
  • Messages and Chats: Chat Assist suggestions might appear while typing in these apps. 
  • Notes app: Note Assist and AI Summarise are usually found within the Notes app’s menu or settings. 
  • Bixby Assistant: Some Galaxy AI features can be activated through voice commands to Bixby.

To explore additional resources, you can visit Samsung Galaxy AI website. This website provides detailed information about each Galaxy AI feature, including tutorials and video demonstrations. Plus, you can also look forward to Samsung User Manuals. Your Galaxy S24 model’s user manual might have specific sections dedicated to Galaxy AI features and their usage. 

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Q. Which mobile AI is best?

A. There is no single, definitive answer to “which mobile AI is best” because it depends entirely on your individual needs and preferences.  Here is why: 

  1. Variety of AI features: Different mobile AI systems excel in different areas. Some specialise in conversational assistants like Google Assistant or Siri, while others focus on image editing like Lensa AI or Facetune. 
  1. Personal preferences:  Do you prioritise a seamless interaction with your phone? Creative photo editing tools? Accuracy in translation? What’s most important to you will directly influence which AI is “best.” 
  1. Device compatibility: Not all AI features are compatible with all phones. For instance, Galaxy AI requires a Samsung Galaxy S24 model.

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