6 Best Examples Of AI In Marketing

6 Best Examples of AI in Marketing

AI in Marketing: In this digitally savvy world, reaching your audience is easy and, yes difficult at the same time. It involves various strategies, hard work, smart work, analytics, and what not. For this sake, marketers seek new ways to find and draw attention to their ideal audience. 

Here’s the AI enters in marketing. 

AI in marketing! Are you curious to know how? 

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What is Artificial Intelligence in marketing?

Artificial intelligence in Marketing is the strategy of using AI and machine learning to forecast your customer’s next move, create content quickly, manage digital marketing with AI, and improve the customer journey.

The AI marketing process tests AI capacities like data collection, organization, analysis, natural language processing, explainable AI, and machine learning to provide customer insights and make better decisions. AI in marketing is now more used to generate content, improve the user experience, and deliver more accurate results. 

Advancements in AI and digital technologies allow companies to improve the ways to do marketing. AI in marketing gives you better digital marketing strategies to improve customer journeys and transforms how businesses attract, nurture, and convert prospects to payers. 

A recent study calculated that by 2030, Artificial Intelligence will generate more than USD 15 trillion for the international economy and strengthen local economies by around 26 percent.

The benefits of AI in marketing are that it can perform from the simplest to advanced tasks without taking much time and at a high cost. Everything can be done more effectively through AI, from personalized content ideation and creation to task automation and data analysis. 

AI in Content Marketing

AI in marketing looks to improve everything from social media to content marketing efforts. Here are some examples of ways companies are increasing the use of AI in content marketing to achieve marketing Goals.

How to use AI in Marketing?

Example 1: Content Generation

We know about the recent launch of OpenAI’s generative AI platform. ChatGpt, in November of 2022, prompted a flood of new cases for AI. 

After the launch of AI, it is used for content generation. AI content generation can save marketing teams time, effort, and money. They can create blogs, marketing messages, emails, copywriting materials, subtitles for videos, subject lines, website copy, and many other sorts of content types aimed at a target audience.

AI analysis also helps efficiently segment the audience. It divides customers by various traits, interests, and behaviors, leading to enhanced targeting and more compelling marketing campaigns. This will result in more robust customer engagement and improved ROI.

You also often encounter chatbot services on websites. AI chatbots enable some aspects of customer service. Once you have trained them, these bots can interact with the customer and provide satisfaction to the customer journey. The fun fact is that 50% of customers like to converse with these AI chatbots. 

AI in Marketing

Example 2: Programmatic Advertising

Have you heard about programmatic Advertising? It is the automation of purchasing and placing ads on websites and applications. It conducts advertising considering programmatic advertising using customer history, preferences, and context to deliver more relevant ads with higher conversion rates.

Example 3: SEO

Content with AI generally lacks in SEO. But through an AI program itself, it enhances the work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) structure that allows marketers to boost the ranking of the pages they are handling and design more effective strategies. AI creates and modifies content that will meet the new strategy.

AI is aiding companies in enhancing their online commerce and internet marketing activities in such a way as to obtain a more specific insight into their customers’ requirements and buying attitudes by automating tasks and simplifying workflows.

The Benefits of AI in Marketing

AI helps business to understand the customs and behavior of the buyer. They analyze the preferences and behavior of the buyer. This AI maintains and analyses the quality of a large data set needed to train the AI. Through ChatGPT, businesses tailor the AI marketing solution to their requirements to enjoy the outcomes.

Faster, smarter decision-making

The marketing platform creates Marketing strategies, analyses data faster than humans using algorithms, and recommends informed actions from historical buyer data. 

Improved ROI on Marketing Initiative

AI marketing tools help the marketer to find which areas of the marketing strategy are lacking from the data analysis and help to generate the campaign idea in near real-time. Moreover, it generates ideas related to the campaign and provides the right media channel for the buyer and even the optimal placement of an ad based on customer behavior. The survey trends show that AI marketing solution helps stakeholders bring out most of their investment from the campaign itself. 


More Accurate Measurements Of KPIs

Digital campaigns generate more data than humans, increasing the accuracy of marketing tactics. It ultimately measures the success of marketing initiatives. AI-enhanced dashboards help marketers connect the success of their efforts to specific strategies they applied, which allows them to understand what is working and what could be improved.

Improved Customer relationship capabilities

AI technologies help marketing teams improve customer relationship management through autopilot tasks like handling client Data. This will decrease human error probabilities, deliver personalized customer messages, and find at-risk buyers.

More Meaningful Insights

Marketers struggle with the sheer amount of data available when planning a campaign. AI can help by fulfilling the prediction on customer data, analyzing the vast amount of data in seconds using a Machine language algorithm. This will generate insights into future customer behavior, suggest personalized content, and encounter the patterns in large data sets for marketers.

AI in Marketing Real-life Examples

Here is how various companies have used artificial intelligence in marketing and achieved their desired goals and objectives:

Example 4: Starbucks’s AI voice-powered barista service

Voice technology is rising, and those who embrace it will reap a great reward. 

Over 60 million adults now use voice search at least once a day. In addition, 72% of Americans currently own a smart speaker. 

Starbucks integrates with Amazon Alexa technology to provide ” My Starbucks’s Barista” services to place orders and chatbots to confirm their order. They also use AI-powered Mastrena II espresso makers, which automate the app’s pre-ordering capabilities. 

AI in Marketing

Example 5: Lowe’s AI-powered personal shopping assistants

A shopping brand that has successfully enriched its in-store shopping experience introduced its AI development – the LoweBot – to offer its consumers personalized information.

Not only does the AI-driven technology help its customers with a seamless shopping experience but it also automatically tracks stock and inventory in real-time.

Example 6: Netflix’s AI-centric User Content Suggestion Tool

Netflix, one of the world’s most significant content streaming service providers, introduced AI-driven machine learning technology to provide personalized content recommendations based on a user’s preferences from experience.

This example will reflect that AI in marketing helps businesses grow and stand out in a highly competitive world. They will gain deeper insights into the customer, automate the task, improve efficiency and accuracy, and predict future trends. Ultimately, it drives better results and ROI.

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