Top 5 AI-Powered Excel Add-ins You Should Try

Top 5 AI-Powered Excel Add-ins You Should Try

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative factor in a number of businesses in recent years. Companies now function in a completely different way because of its capacity to analyze enormous volumes of data, automate processes, and offer insightful information. Spreadsheet applications, especially Excel, are one area where AI has had a big influence. Further, AI-powered Excel add-ins have made the spreadsheets more effective and useful.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 AI Powered Excel add-ins that can change the way you work with data.

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AI Powered Excel Add-ins

Excel users can now use the power of AI through specialized add-ins designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. These AI tools seamlessly integrate with Excel and offer advanced features that go beyond traditional spreadsheet capabilities. As per the reports, 63% of advanced Excel users take help of AI while using excel. Further,  as per the Microsoft report, it is also bringing more advanced AI features in excel itself. 

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 Top 5 AI powered Excel Add-ins:

Using the capabilities of AI in Excel is not just a trend, it is a necessity in today’s data-driven world. These AI powered Excel add-ins enable users to perform complex analyses, automate repetitive tasks, and uncover valuable insights from their data. 

Here are the Top 5 AI powered Excel Add-ins:

  1. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Add-in
  2. Power Query
  3. Smart Data
  4. Squirrel365
  5. XonGrid

As we look into each AI powered Excel Add-ins, you will discover how incorporating AI into your Excel workflow can boost your decision-making processes.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Add-in

In the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics, the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Add-in emerges as a transformative tool, seamlessly integrating the familiarity of Excel with the cutting-edge capabilities of Azure Machine Learning. This dynamic combination of AI powered Excel add-in not only marks a significant advancement but also addresses the growing need for predictive modeling and advanced data analysis within the Excel environment.

Integration with Excel: Create a Microsoft Azure account and access the Azure Machine Learning service. Now download and install the “Azure Machine Learning” Excel add-in. Open excel and click on”get Add-ins” or “Store” in the insert tab. Now, search for “Azure Machine Learning”, and select “Add” or “Add to Excel” to install the add-in.

 Features and Capabilities of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Add-in

Here are some of the best features and capabilities of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Add-in:

  1. Provides scalability to handle diverse workloads, accommodating both small and extensive datasets. 
  2. Create, test, and deploy machine learning models directly within the Excel environment.
  3. Accessibility for both data scientists and Excel users, eliminating the need for extensive machine learning expertise. Comprehensive suite of tools for data cleansing, pattern identification, and trend analysis.
  4. Enhances the analytical capabilities of Excel, ensuring reliable data for accurate analyses.
  5. Designed with a user-friendly interface to make machine learning tasks approachable.

Real-World Use Cases of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Add-in

The Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Add-in transcends theoretical potential, finding practical applications in various real-world scenarios. Here are some compelling use cases demonstrating the versatility and impact of this powerful tool:

  1. Predicting Market Trends: By using predictive modeling within Excel, analysts can identify patterns and forecast future market trends, assisting investment decisions.
  1. Optimizing Supply Chain Operations: By analyzing data related to inventory levels, production rates, and logistics, the company can make informed decisions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.
  1. Enhancing Customer Engagement: The add-in helps analyze customer data, enabling the business to tailor marketing strategies, recommend products, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  1. Financial Forecasting: By inputting historical financial data, the add-in’s predictive modeling capabilities assist in forecasting future financial scenarios, aiding in strategic planning.
  1. Healthcare Analytics: By using machine learning algorithms, the add-in can assist in identifying trends in patient outcomes, ultimately contributing to more effective healthcare interventions.

Power Query

Power Query is a powerful data connectivity and transformation tool integrated into Microsoft Excel. Designed to streamline the process of importing, shaping, and transforming data, Power Query empowers users to efficiently work with diverse datasets directly within the Excel environment.

Power Query automates the process of cleaning and transforming data. It can handle tasks like removing duplicates, filtering rows, and sorting data, reducing the need for manual intervention. Not just that, Users can easily merge tables or append data from different sources, enabling the consolidation of information for comprehensive analyses. 

 Integration with Excel: Power Query seamlessly integrates with Excel, appearing as a dedicated tab within the Excel ribbon. Users can easily access Power Query functionalities, visualize applied transformations, and load the transformed data directly into Excel sheets.

 Features and Capabilities of Power Query 

Here are some of the best features and capabilities of Power Query:

  1. Power Query allows users to clean and transform data with ease. From handling missing values to structuring data in a desired format, it provides a range of transformation options.
  1. One of Power Query’s strengths is its ability to connect to a wide array of data sources. Whether it is databases, spreadsheets, or web services, Power Query ensures seamless data integration.
  1. Power Query provides insights into the characteristics and quality of the data through data profiling. Users can identify patterns, distributions, and anomalies, facilitating informed decision-making.
  1. Power Query utilizes the M language, a functional language for data manipulation. Users can create custom functions and formulas to tailor data transformation according to specific requirements.

Real-World Use Cases of Power Query

Here are some of the real world use cases of power query:

  1. Automating Financial Data Cleanup: Power Query streamlines the data cleanup process by automating tasks such as removing unnecessary columns, handling missing values, and standardizing formats. This ensures that the financial data is consistently clean and ready for analysis.
  1. Customer Feedback from Surveys: Power Query simplifies the task of consolidating customer feedback by efficiently merging and transforming survey data. The team can automate the process of cleaning and structuring the data, enabling them to derive valuable insights from a unified dataset.
  1. Supply Chain Management: Power Query provides a unified platform to connect and transform data from diverse sources. The supply chain manager can automate the integration of data, ensuring a streamlined and consistent approach to managing supply chain information.
  1. HR Analytics: Power Query simplifies the data preparation process by automating tasks such as cleaning, transforming, and merging employee data. This ensures that the HR team has a consistent and well-structured dataset for in-depth analysis of employee-related metrics.
  1. Marketing Campaign Performance: Power Query’s capabilities enable the analyst to easily transform the data into the desired format for detailed analysis. This ensures a more efficient exploration of marketing campaign performance metrics.

Smart Data

Smart Data emerges as a powerful add-in designed to seamlessly integrate intelligent data analysis directly into Microsoft Excel. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, this tool transforms traditional data processing into a dynamic and insightful experience.

 Smart Data enables the instant generation of insights and trends from your data sets. Gone are the days of manual analysis; now, valuable insights are just a click away. Smart Data utilizes advanced AI algorithms to identify and analyze patterns within your data. 

Features and Capabilities of Smart Data

Here are some of the best features and capabilities of Smart Data:

  1. With its automated insights generation and trend analysis, users can use the full potential of their data. Further, they can make informed decisions efficiently and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing business landscape.
  2. Users can simulate different scenarios to understand the potential impact of various factors on future trends, enabling better strategic planning. 
  3.  Users can pose questions, and the add-in responds with relevant insights in a natural language format. 
  4. Smart Data facilitates the creation of interactive dashboards, allowing users to explore data visually and gain deeper insights.

Real-World Use Cases of Smart Data 

Here are some of the real world use cases of Smart Data:

  1. Sales Performance Optimization: Creates interactive dashboards for real-time monitoring of sales performance, enabling quick adjustments to strategies.  
  1. Supply Chain Management: Forecasts demand, allowing for optimized inventory levels and reducing instances of overstock or stockouts.
  1. Healthcare Data Insights: Allows healthcare analysts to interact with patient data conversationally, facilitating faster insights. 
  1. Human Resources Data Management:  Forecasts employee turnover rates, aiding in proactive recruitment strategies.


Squirrel365 redefines task automation by addressing processes that were once time-consuming and prone to errors. From routine data validation tasks to intricate error checking, this AI powered excel add-in introduces a level of automation that goes beyond the conventional, making Excel workflows more efficient and reliable. Squirrel365 doesn’t just automate, it also fine-tunes and optimizes processes, ensuring that your Excel tasks are executed with unparalleled accuracy. Whether it is data validation or error rectification, the AI-powered engine of Squirrel365 adds a layer of intelligence to your Excel endeavors.

Integration with Excel: What sets Squirrel365 apart is its seamless integration with Excel. Through AI-driven automation, Squirrel365 becomes an extension of Excel, significantly impacting productivity and minimizing manual errors in everyday spreadsheet tasks.

Features and Capabilities of Squirrel365 

Here are some of the best features and capabilities of Squirrel365:

  1. Automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up your valuable time for more strategic analysis and decision-making.  
  2. Squirrel365 adds a layer of intelligence to your data handling processes, optimizing operations for precision and accuracy. 
  3. Benefit from the advanced pattern recognition capabilities of Squirrel365, allowing you to uncover trends and insights within your data. 
  4. With Squirrel365 handling routine tasks, users can focus on strategic decision-making, unlocking the true potential of Excel as a tool for data-driven insights. 
  5. Squirrel365 is designed to adapt to evolving data management needs, ensuring that your Excel workflows remain efficient and effective as your requirements change.

Real-World Use Cases of Squirrel365

Here are some of the real world use cases of Squirrel365:

  1. Financial Data Auditing: Squirrel365’s meticulous error checking automates the auditing process and ensures that financial data is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy. The add-in not only speeds up the auditing process but also significantly reduces the risk of oversight.
  1. Supply Chain Optimization: Squirrel365 streamlines data validation and ensures seamless integration of diverse supply chain data. The manager can automate routine tasks, such as checking inventory levels and validating shipment data, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.
  1. Marketing Campaign Analysis: Squirrel365’s pattern recognition capabilities help the analyst identify trends and assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This allows for data-driven decisions and the optimization of future campaigns.
  1. HR Analytics and Employee Data Management: Squirrel365’s data cleaning and transformation features automate HR data tasks, making it easier to manage employee records, validate information, and generate insights for strategic HR decision-making.
  1. Sales Forecasting: Squirrel365’s AI-optimized processes enable precise sales forecasting by analyzing historical sales data and recognizing patterns. This aids sales teams in making informed decisions and meeting revenue targets. 


XonGrid is an AI powered excel add-in that gives users the power of interpolation, a technique for filling in missing data points with accuracy. Imagine you have a set of scattered temperature readings across a city. XonGrid can use these points to estimate the temperature at any other location, painting a complete picture of the city’s temperature landscape. 

This lets you analyze trends, make predictions, and gain deeper insights from your data, all within the familiar Excel environment. With its user-friendly interface and powerful interpolation algorithms, XonGrid empowers both data experts and beginners to explore their data in new and exciting ways.

Integration with Excel: XonGrid seamlessly integrates into your Excel workflow. Add XonGrid to your Excel arsenal just like any other add-in. A few clicks, and you are ready to conquer data gaps. Further you can access XonGrid’s functionality directly within Excel’s ribbon. You do not need to jump between windows or learn a new interface.

 Features and Capabilities of XonGrid

Here are some of the best features and capabilities of XonGrid:

  1. It tackles data across any realm, from simple lines to mind-bending 4D spaces, using sophisticated techniques like Kriging and Radial Basis Functions to get accuracy. 
  2. XonGrid empowers you to choose your interpolation method with a few clicks, like selecting tools in a well-stocked workshop. 
  3. XonGrid’s Inverse Distance Weighting technique gives closer data points more influence, ensuring natural and precise interpolations. 
  4. XonGrid automates parameter scaling and other tedious processes, freeing you to delve deeper into analysis and strategic decision-making.

Real-World Use Cases of XonGrid

Here are some of the real world use cases of XonGrid:

  1. Weather Forecasting: Imagine a meteorologist with scattered temperature readings across a city. XonGrid can fill in the missing data points, creating a complete picture of the temperature landscape. This allows for more accurate weather forecasts, helping people prepare for storms or heat waves. 
  1. Financial Modeling: Financial analysts often deal with incomplete datasets, like missing stock prices or economic indicators. XonGrid can interpolate these gaps, enabling them to build more accurate financial models and make informed investment decisions. 
  1. Medical Research: Medical researchers may have incomplete data on patient health or drug efficacy. XonGrid can interpolate these gaps, allowing them to conduct more comprehensive studies and draw more reliable conclusions. 
  1. Engineering Design: Engineers often need to estimate properties of materials or components based on limited data. XonGrid can interpolate these gaps, allowing them to design products that are more efficient and reliable.
  1. Environmental Monitoring: Environmental scientists may have incomplete data on pollution levels or resource availability. XonGrid can interpolate these gaps, helping them to monitor environmental changes and develop effective conservation strategies.

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As we conclude our exploration of the top 5 AI powered Excel add-ins, take a moment to reflect on the transformative capabilities each tool brings to the table. From predictive modeling to automated insights, these AI powered Excel add-ins redefine the possibilities within Excel.

We encourage you to explore and integrate these top AI-powered Excel add-ins into your workflows. The journey towards enhanced productivity, data-driven insights, and streamlined processes begins with the click of a button. Dive into the future of Excel with these innovative tools.

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